Monday, November 29, 2004


Well, Iowa State reminded me once again why I should never have hope for the football team by choking to Mizzou. Meyer's interception and Culbertson's field goal will move into my all-time "oh, so close" moments along with Yelk's field goal against Alabama, Seneca's run against FSU, the 2002 season, and many other near upsets. Oh well. There's always basketball.

Kansas was pretty uneventful, I guess. Lots of food to keep me full.

Yeah, it was a boring week. Sorry this update sucks so hard.

Saturday, November 20, 2004

One step closer

What an awesome game and an amazing comeback for the Cyclones today. I was so frustrated with their inability to score touchdowns in the red zone and they seemed close to dead in the water when the offense decided they were going to punch it in and the defense decided they weren't going to let KSU score again and kept forcing turnovers. Everybody played their hearts out and it's a lot of fun to see guys like Ellis Hobbs and Todd Miller continue to make plays. There is so much young talent on the team but they wouldn't be where they are without these seniors.

Big game against Mizzou next week. I don't see any way that MU will come in and win the game. The team just seems to believe they are a team of destiny and always make the play when they need it. So, I have a lead on some tickets to Kansas City for the Championship game. They'll be between $50 and $60 so not to outrageous for a big game like this. Anybody that was at the FSU game in Arrowhead with me last time knows how much fun it is and how great it is to drink huge overpriced beer during a Cyclone game.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

San Dimas High School Football rules!,1413,203~28557~2529979,00.html


Anyway, Bill and Ted's is really one of my favorite comedies. Probably not top 10, but I like it. I think I'm going to list my top 15 or so in no particular order just for the hell of it.

Big Lebowski
Dazed and Confused
Dumb and Dumber
Tommy Boy
Napolean Dynamite
Royal Tennenbaums
Animal House
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
Groundhog Day
Fast Times at Ridgemont High
Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
Happy Gilmore
Blues Brothers
Billy Madison

Dammit, I know I'm forgetting some so if you have any that you think should be on there let me know and I'll add and replace if necessary. Spaceballs, Anchorman, and Black Sheep, and O Brother receive honorable mention right now. I'll probably make a post discussing suggestions people made if there are any. It could be interesting to see other lists.

Monday, November 15, 2004

Free Gary Wayne Rodgers!

Gary Wayne Rodgers was arrested 96 times this year so far. I have reason to believe that the cops are targeting him unfairly. Look at his changing hairstyles (#8 is classic), the evidence of abuse in #46, unleashing Magnum in 52. Gary Wayne just likes to get a little liquored up and wander around town. That ain't no crime!

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Dave Wannstedt's mustache

Dave Wannstedt's musthache has always been one of my favorites and I was really scared that it might be gone forever after he resigned last week. Fortunately, CBS decided to take pity on him and give him a job in the studio. Also, do they go out of their way to try to get players that I couldn't stand? Shannon Sharpe, Marino, Deion. Ugh. Just stop. May as well give Tony Siragusa a job. Whoops, someone already did.

Friday, November 12, 2004

Fundraising drive

Hey, I'm starting a fundraising drive to buy Iowa's old football scoreboard.

"This large scoreboard is available on 22 Nov 2004. It has recorded some of the most memorable victories in football history. Contact seller for information."

I can think of two memorable victories that I saw displayed on that scoreboard. Both by Iowa State of course. Anyway, the plan is to buy it and put it up in my backyard. Then we're going to hook it up and watch ISU victories over Iowa in basketball and football. Think about it...all the great moments we've seen over the last several years displayed on a TV that is probably at least 10 times bigger than any other in town? There's JJ taking the end around 56 yards on the opening play. There's Marcus Fizer holding up the "Eustachy #1" sign in one of the first signs the team was coming together in what would be an elite 8 run. There's Seneca Wallace rolling out and throwing a frozen rope across his body on third down to help seal the comeback. John "Seal the Deal" Neal coming off the bench to drop two daggers into their heart. I'm getting hard just thinking about this. Then, after we've watched it all, we can play college football and Madden. If you guys help me out with this I'll buy the kegs for the party when we get it assembled.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004


It's always a little sad when your childhood "heros" turn out to be nothing but coke fiends. Brutus "the Barber" Beefcake got busted when he left his bag of coke at his job taking tickets for the subway and they thought it was anthrax. Damn you, Homeland Security!!! My question is, why can't he get a job at a barbershop somewhere? Isn't there a market for shaving the heads of semiconscious muscleheads?

This shit wouldn't fly on old Ralph Vogel's watch. Of course sending letters home about possible satanists in the area and people trying to give kids hits of acid were fair game. It's a good thing I'm not there now or I'd probably be getting every lame email forward. He was my grade school principal and a bit of a reactionary nutjob. Interesting sidenote is that he taught sex ed and told us how they had to go to a doctor to pop his wife's cherry. Hmm, the blog is getting a little vulgar these days.

Funny and sad Onion article on the election victory. Funny because it's the Onion and sad because it's true.

If you're looking for a good sports movie go check out Friday Night Lights. Some very realistic football action that puts Any Given Sunday and Varsity Blues to shame in that aspect. They did a good job of capturing a high school football team. Especially since IHS football is so very similar to large school Texas ball.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Opening night of basketball season

Cyclone basketball is here again and there's a lot to be excited about with this team. They open with Bemidji State (who?). But, I just heard on the radio that their coach last year was former KU basketball player, Inman Grade School PE teacher, and Inman High School basketball coach (48-18 career record) Jeff Guiot. Yeah, kind of weird to randomly hear his name and have flashbacks to running laps and playing dodgeball.

As if I don't have enough to do but I'm in the process of setting up a Cyclone basketball blog. Yeah, I'm addicted to these things but I think it could be fun and I have to compete with Sellout Ryan's Hawk blog.

Go State!

Monday, November 08, 2004

NIU Cribs

Check out the room of Eric "Call me Swany" Swanson and the American Hero John Turner at Northern Illinois. Well done, boys.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

another bitch about the chiefs update

How can the "best offensive line in football" let three rushing linemen get 2 sacks and nearly cause a fumble on the last series? Way to pick up the blitz on that interception too, Larry Johnson. THere's a reason you never play.

It's so freaking annoying to watch their defense make below average offenses look like the greatest show on turf. Pathetic. I'm so pissed.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Cornholer fans

One of my favorite pastimes is going to Iowa or Nebraska message boards after a loss like this to watch the meltdown. There is some classic stuff today.

"Fuck the players

Please graduate and leave or just leave I don't care."



"Is there anyone that finds it beyond imagination to think that we would be most likely undefeated at this point with our OLD offense, Pelini running the defense, Cotton running the offense, and Dailey running the option and throwing once in awhile?"

It's just such typical Nebraska fan behavior to fire their coach after a 9 win season or whatever it was and then want to fire the guy they hire after half a season. I guess this is why they are "college football's greatest fans". LOL.

Go Home Little Red!

What a fantastic day! The sun was shining, it was 70 degrees and the Cyclones beat the Cornholers 34-27. The anemic offense that could only manage 3 points against KU rolled up 464 yards and 34 points against the vaunted black skirts. Todd Blythe continues to be freaking amazing with 173 receiving yards and another TD. I think he's still first in the Big 12 and only a freshman. "Hands" Davis dropped just about everything but his 77 yard TD catch. Well, he did have a few nice receptions but he killed us on a few sure first down catches. The defense again came up with a huge interception to seal the game and played pretty well except I think they wore down a little in the 4th since we seemed to whittle our playbook down to 2 plays. Stevie Hicks up the middle. Send three guys on fly routes 40 yards down the field. Maybe mix in a short pass or a bootleg or something, Dan.

Once again the refs tried to fuck ISU like they do in every game. Heh. Actually they were just really incompetent all the way around. Apparently if Nebraska doesn't have any timeouts left but they call a timeout it's not a penalty even if they throw the flag. Then the ump tried to mark off a delay of game penalty after the ref waved it off.

The best part of the day was listening to the endless whining from Husker fans at halftime and watching them start leaving in droves after the interception. Good times. Have a good trip back to your lame ass state, losers. There were way too many of them like there always is and they were so obnoxious before the game chanting "another home game" and crap like that. The Huskers suck, they are your life, so, therefore, you suck at life.

Sad news is that Brandon Brown's career is over apparently because of some knee injury. He was a hell of linebacker the last few years.

Anyway, we control our own destiny in the north and have a decent shot but we really need CU to beat KSU so we don't have to worry about beating them in Manhattan.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Post Mortem

Well, work sucked so far today thanks to douchebags like Casey who probably couldn't even name 3 of Bush's policies but still think it's hilarious to laugh in our face so I decided to just sit at home for lunch. At least I have my headphones to drown out talk radio and everybody else. It allowed me to think about the election and what happened.

First, I don't know what happened but the conservatives did a better job of getting their people out to vote. I was under the impression that they were getting close to maxed out and young people and minorities would be able to make the most gains. Without seeing any election data I don't think these areas were as strong as they have been in the past for the Dems. Story and Johnson counties were closer than they could have been considering both have huge university populations (53-47 and 64-35). Kerry gained 6,000 more votes in Story County alone but Bush kept pace with him. The ultra-conservative Sioux County pretty much won Iowa for Bush. It was sickening to watch the numbers slide in 4 or 5 point swings as they started rolling in. It ended up about 14,000 to 2,000. The religious conservatives seem to be almost too big of a hurdle for Dems to overcome since they can't seem to find ways to reach them. It frustrates me that issues like gay marraige will send these people flocking to the polls while they turn a blind eye towards social justice and poverty issues which are things that Jesus actually talked about in the bible. People like Bush can use the language of the Bible to bring these people to the polls while ignoring so many of the key points.

What is wrong with the Democratic leadership/message/??? that they can lose two elections to this man? Gore and Kerry are hardly the most inspiring candidates but the only candidate I could see doing better against Bush would have been Edwards and even that is a stretch. Maybe I really am out of touch with where this country is right now. Maybe I had too much faith that people would realize that what Bush is doing to this country is wrong, that he isn't a true conservative, that he's not making us any safer with his wars. Can the party right itself before the next election? Each election seems to make winning anything in the south even more of a remote possibility. I think it's possible to make gains in the soutwest to make up for it but something needs to change. I've lived through 8 years of Reagan, 4 years of Bush I, 8 years of Clinton, and now 8 years of Bush II. Can Democrats even win a national election anymore?

Overall, I'm just worried about the future. Bush could replace up to 4 Supreme Court justices continuing to leave his direct mark for 40 years. The already weak Democratic legislators will be in an even weaker spot to fight his agenda. The media will continue to grow to accept what he says and lack the challenges needed to ensure that he doesn't fundamentally change to framing of American politics. I could be being overly melodramatic but I'm just not totally sure that we (myself included) actually understand what these people's true goals are and how frightening they may be.

We need to fight against them tooth and nail over the next four years to make sure that this doesn't happen again. I have to have faith that new leadership can be found and an inspiring candidate can be found. Hopefully someone more like Bill Richardson and less like Hillary Clinton (which I see as nothing but a disastor). Today sucks but the sun still came up and we get another chance in 4 years. But, I still think I'll mope for a little while longer.


Bush just came from behind to take the lead in Iowa and time is running short in Ohio. Fox News already called it for him like the hacks they are. I'm going to puke.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

I just threw up a little in my mouth

Things are looking pretty grim right now. I might be gone from posting for a little the next four years....because I'm in the fetal position. But seriously, Kerry needs to get just about everything left to win this thing and I'm not sure it's going to happen. I'm so depressed right now.


There's Bush, looking so relaxed in his family room. Just hanging out, being the arrogant ass he's always been. Yes, I am bitter and want the last four years back.

Strange things

Bush is calling the press into the White House on election night in an unprecedented move and no one can really figure out why yet. The Chairman of the RNC said he hasn't spoken to anyone from the White House for a long time and has no idea why they are doing this. Sort of seems odd to me but with as much secrecy as this adminstration utilizes it shouldn't shock me too much.

It's Bush 170-112 with no surprises yet since no one wants to call a close state wrong. Iowa's about to close in 15 minutes or so. Let's hope things go well for John Paulson (or Paul Johnson as the ballot says) and the other Dems I voted for.

I think I'm going to go to sleep until they start calling some states that will really affect this.

Polls beginning to close

39-3 Bush so far according to ABC but that's not too much of a surprise. Losting West Virginia kind of sucked but not toally unexpected. According to exit polls (which I don't really believe anyway) Iowa is still 49-49. If you are registered here and didn't vote for Kerry I'm going to kick your ass. Of course Republican hack Mary Mossiman will also feel the brunt of much of my hatred if Iowa goes to Bush for illegally shutting down satellite voting early here in Story County. It felt really good voting against her. It would almost be sweeter if she won but Chet Culver followed through on his threat to fire her for her continued reluctance in regard to following Iowa election law dating back to 2002.

I'll be here posting my thoughts for a while but might head over to Jake's to celebrate or drink away our sorrows depending on how the night goes. There's still a good chance nothing will be decided tonight so keep the hope alive.

Go Vote

Now. I'm serious.

I'm so sick of Bush and his neo-con buddies lying and attempting to change the world. Let's get them out of office today. Thousands of Republican henchmen are already challenging voters in Ohio. Call 866-OUR-VOTE if you believe there is a problem with someone allowing you to vote. Your employer has to give you time to do it as well.

Go vote. It's actually close enough that your vote can make a difference this year. And P Diddy is in your parking lot with a knife just in case you don't.

Monday, November 01, 2004

Tomorrow is it

This is it. The time is now. It's been a pretty shitty past four years in my opinion and the end could be within months by the end of tomorrow night. It's time to vote Bush out of office and return some semblance of sanity to the presidency. Michael Moore wrote a nice piece. Just apply whichever part applies to you, decent conservatives, left-wingers, voters like you in Kansas that will go for Bush no matter what tomorrow, first time voters, even you, W., since I know you read this. Enjoy and go vote for what's right tomorrow.

Dear Friends,
This is it. ONE DAY LEFT. There are many things I’d like to say. I’ve been on the road getting out the vote for 51 straight days so I haven’t had much time to write. So I’ve put together a bunch of notes to various groups all in this one letter. Please feel free to copy and send whatever portions are appropriate to your friends and family as you spend these last 24 hours trying to convince whomever you can to show up and vote for John Kerry.
Here are my final words…
To Decent Conservatives and Recovering Republicans:
In your heart of hearts you know Bush is a miserable failure. From having no plan on what to do in Iraq once he conquered Baghdad to the 380 missing tons of explosives that could be used to kill our brave young men and women, this guy doesn’t have a clue how to fight and win a war. You should see the mail I’ve been getting lately from our troops over there. They know how much the Iraqi people hate them. They are sitting ducks anytime they go out on the road. Many believe we are not that far away from a Tet-style offensive inside the Green Zone with hundreds of Americans and Brits killed.
Bush refused to go after and capture Osama bin Laden. He fought, every step of the way, the investigation into the 9/11 attacks. Who on earth would oppose such a thing? If 3,000 people died at your place of work and your boss said we don’t need to find out why or how it happened, he’d be thrown out on his ear. Bush’s behavior after this great tragedy alone is reason enough for his removal.
You already know that George W. Bush is the farthest thing from a conservative. He’s a reckless spender who has run up record-breaking deficits and the biggest debt in our history. He believes in having the government pry into everything from your library records to your bedroom. He has hit you with hidden taxes with his tax cuts for the rich.
I know many of you don’t like Bush, but are unsure of Kerry. Give the new guy a chance. He won’t raise your taxes (unless you are super-rich), he won’t take your hunting gun away, he won’t make you visit France. He risked his life for you many years ago. He’s asking for the chance to do it again. Scott McConnell at The American Conservative magazine has endorsed him. What more do you need?
To My Friends on the Left:
Okay, Kerry isn’t everything you wished he would be. You’re right. He’s not you! Or me. But we’re not on the ballot – Kerry is. Yes, Kerry was wrong to vote for authorization for war in Iraq but he was in step with 70% of the American public who was being lied to by Bush & Co. And once everyone learned the truth, the majority turned against the war. Kerry has had only one position on the war – he believed his president.
President Kerry had better bring the troops home right away. My prediction: Kerry’s roots are anti-war. He has seen the horrors of war and because of that he will avoid war unless it is absolutely necessary. Ask most vets. But don’t ask someone whose only horror was when he arrived too late for a kegger in Alabama.
There’s a reason Bush calls Kerry the Number One Liberal in the Senate – THAT’S BECAUSE HE IS THE NUMBER ONE LIBERAL IN THE SENATE! What more do you want? My friends, this is about as good as it gets when voting for the Democrat. We don’t have the #29 Liberal running or the #14 Liberal or even the #2 Liberal – we got #1! When has that ever happened?
Those of us who may be to the left of the #1 liberal Democrat should remember that this year conservative Democrats have had to make a far greater shift in their position to back Kerry than we have. We’re the ones always being asked to make the huge compromises and to always vote holding our noses. No nose holding this time. This #1 liberal is not the tweedledee to Bush’s tweedledum.
To Nader Voters:
See the above note.
Ralph’s own party, the Green Party, would not endorse his run this year. That’s because those of us who want to build a third party in this country know that the only way to do this is to build bridges with those who believe in the issues Nader believes in. But not one of those people will sacrifice the chance to remove George W. Bush from the White House on Tuesday. The choice here is clear: do we join with our friends, or do we piss on them?
After the debacle of 2000, the Democrats got smart and abandoned the conservative wing of their party. That’s why 8 of the 9 Democrats in the primaries this year were from the liberal wing. Ralph should take credit for that and declare victory. It’s so sad that he doesn’t realize the good he’s accomplished. But for reasons only known to him, he’s more angry at the Democrats than he is at Bush. He has lost his compass. I worry he has lost his mind. But he still gives a great speech!
And Lila Lipscomb, the mother from Flint who lost her son in Iraq, she still grieves -- as do the mothers of 1,120 others (not to mention the mothers of the 100,000 Iraqis who have died because of Bush’s war). That’s what this election is about. Not Ralph proving some point. Almost none of us on his 2000 advisory group are supporting him this year. His total lack of respect for his best friends should tell all of you something about what he really thinks of you, too.
To the Non-Swing States:
Stop listening to how your vote doesn’t count in this election and that your state is already decided for Kerry or Bush. It is critical that you vote because we not only need to give Kerry the electoral win, but he needs to have a HUGE mandate with an ENORMOUS popular vote victory as well. It will be impossible for him to get anything done for four years if there is no clear mandate. We must not only defeat Bush, we must put a stake in the heart of the right-wing, neo-con movement. If you live in New York, California, Illinois, Texas, the Northeast or the Deep South, you need to vote and you need to bring ten people with you to the polls. If you live in a state where we have the chance to elect the Democrat to the Senate or the House, you need to vote. Turn off the TV. Quit listening to news media that has a vested interest in repeating to you over and over that your vote does not count. It does.
If you have friends or relatives who live in the 30-plus non-swing states, call them and remind them how important it is that Kerry gets a massive popular vote victory.
To Non-Voters:
I understand why you stopped voting. Politicians suck. Nothing ever seems to change. You’re only one vote.
Yes, politicians suck. But so do car salesmen – and that hasn’t stopped you from buying a car. Politicians only respond to the threat of the angry mob also known as the voting public. If most people don’t vote, that’s good news for them ‘cause then they don’t have to answer to the majority.
Almost fifty percent of Americans don’t vote. That means you belong to the largest political party in America – the Non-Voting Party. That means you hold all the power to toss George W. Bush out of the Oval Office. How cool is that?
I believe that we are going to have the largest election turnout in our lifetime tomorrow. You don’t want to miss out on that. The lines at the polls are going to be long and raucous and fun. It is an historic election. You won’t want to say that you were the only one who wasn’t there. Promise me you’ll vote, just this one time.
To All First-Time Voters:
Welcome to the longest running, uninterrupted democracy on earth! You own it. It’s yours.
A few words about how messy it’s going to be tomorrow. The lines are going to be long. Bring your iPods. Better yet, bring a friend or two. The election officials have no clue just how many millions are going to show up at the polls. This will be the largest turnout in our lifetime. They don’t have enough machines. They are going to have to send for more ballots.
And they are going to make it difficult for you to vote. The new law says if this is your first time voting you must bring ID with you that matches the address you are registered at.
If for some reason they can’t find your name on the voting rolls, you have the right to ask for a provisional ballot, which you can fill out and then sort things out later.
If you have any problems at the polling place, please call 1-866-OUR-VOTE. The people there can tell you how to find the precinct where you should be voting, get you legal help if you are denied the right to vote, or answer any other questions you may have.
If you need any help figuring out the ballot, don’t be afraid to ask. If you screw up your ballot, you can ask for another one. In fact, the law allows you to screw up your ballot two times before you finally have to submit your final ballot! Be careful to vote on the line that says John F. Kerry/John Edwards. Don’t vote for more than one Presidential, Senate or House candidate or you ballot won’t be counted. If your polling place has a stub or a receipt from your ballot, make sure they give you one.
Thanks for joining us. Democracy is not a spectator sport. It only works when we all come off the bench and participate.
To African Americans:
First of all, let’s just acknowledge what you already know: America is a country which still has a race problem, to put it nicely. Al Gore would be president today had thousands of African Americans not had their right to vote stolen from them in Florida in 2000.
Here is my commitment: I will do everything I can to make sure that that this will not happen again. And I’m not the only one making this pledge. Thousands of volunteer lawyers are flying to Florida to act as poll watchers and intervene should there be any attempts to deny anyone their right to vote. They will NOT be messing around.
For my part, I have organized an army of 1,200 professional and amateur filmmakers who will be armed with video cameras throughout the states of Florida and Ohio. At the first sign of criminality, we will dispatch a camera crew to where the vote fraud is taking place and record what is going on. We will put a big public spotlight on any wrongdoing by Republican officials in those two states. They will not get away with this as they did in 2000.
In Ohio, the Republicans are sending almost 2,000 paid “poll challengers” into the black precincts of Cleveland in an attempt to stop African Americans from voting. This action is beyond despicable. Do not let this stop you from voting. I, and thousand of others, will be there to fight for you and protect you.
To George W.:
I know it’s gotta be rough for you right now. Hey, we’ve all been there. “You’re fired” are two horrible words when put together in that order. Bin Laden surfacing this weekend to remind the American people of your total and complete failure to capture him was a cruel trick or treat. But there he was. 3,000 people were killed and he’s laughing in your face. Why did you stop our Special Forces from going after him? Why did you forget about bin Laden on the DAY AFTER 9/11 and tell your terrorism czar to concentrate on Iraq instead?
There he was, OBL, all tan and rested and on videotape (hey, did you get the feeling that he had a bootleg of my movie? Are there DVD players in those caves in Afghanistan?)
Speaking of my movie – can I ask you a personal question before we part ways for good on Tuesday? Why did you and your friends fund SIX “documentaries” trashing me -- but only ONE film against Kerry? C’mon, he was the candidate, not me. What a waste of your time and resources! Sure, I know what your pollsters told you, that the film had convinced some people to vote you out. I just want you to know that that was not my original intent. Funny things happen at the movies. Hope you get to see a few at the multiplex in Waco. It’s a great way to relax.
To John Kerry:
Thank you.
And don’t worry – none of us are going away after you are inaugurated. We’ll be there to hold your hand and keep you honest. Don’t let us down. We’re betting you won’t. So is the rest of the world.
That’s it. See you at the polls – and at the victory party tomorrow night.
Michael Moore