Friday, January 21, 2005

Conference Championship weekend

Well, I'm looking forward to it and there should be some solid matchups. It's usually a good weekend with two football games between four good teams playing for a trip to the Super Bowl. The Chiefs have only played in the game once in my lifetime where they lost to one of the choker Bills teams in Buffalo. I went to look up the score of that game (30-13) and remembered that the week before they beat Houston and their vaunted 46 zone defense under Buddy Ryan. After they scored a touchdown one of the players took the ball and threw it at a banner of Buddy's face hanging over the sideline. Suck on that overrated 46.

Anyway, a couple of thoughts. Is there any way a team that got their asses beat by KC this year go to the Super Bowl? The Chiefs' horrible defense actually shut them down. Anyway, I just don't see them winning although I would like to see the entire city of Philapelphia lining up to jump off a bridge if they lose. Aiiiieeeee.

In the other game I really hope that New England gets their ass kicked. I'm not sure if it's possible for anyone to suck off Belicheck anymore than they already do. He's entering Brett Favre territory now. "Only Brett Favre could run five yards past the line of scrimmage and throw the ball. What a competetitor. He just loves the game so much. Haha. What a competetitor." The Pats are good but their canonization is getting a little old. I want them to win so we don't have to debate whether they're one of the best teams ever even if their margin of victory is about 2 points for every game.

Is there any chance that Dan Marino hits Boomer over the head with a chair this week? I want to see something where he comes out to shake his hand and waits until Boomer turns away to smash his head in while Gumbl yells "Noooo, oh my God!" Maybe a coked up Michael Irvin can get involved too. I don't think they're on the same show but whatever. Michael Irvin did coke, did I mention that?

Friday, January 07, 2005

guyz we need 2 pull 2gether 4 thiz one!!!!111

omgomgomgomgomg!!!!11 so, the football fanz totally boood ashlee simpson at the game the other nite! we need to help her out!! omgomgomg!!!1 dont they no good singerz??

OK, so hopefully you've seen Ashlee Simpson get booed off the stage at the Orange Bowl. If you haven't, here's a clip. Anyway, someone showed me the Ashlee message board and it's a great read. It's tough to tell whether quotes like this "Don't say that! Sometimes people get so depressed they kill themselves, and if Ashlee ever did that I would just DIE!!!" or the amazing pictures they make is the best part.

Then there's the blog of one of the users. See how many "paragraphs" you can read before your head explodes. I made it through half of one although it's tough to tell because she doesn't really use paragraphs,. Well, any kind of puncuation, really.