Friday, March 25, 2005

What do I have in common with Paul Shirley?

Turns out we're both bloggers. Pretty weak punch line but his blog is pretty hilarious. He covers everything from checking girls out from the bench to claiming that Googs has the worst tattoo in the NBA. Good stuff.

News Update! Now with 50% more rants!

Satan has manifested his image in a turtle that miraculously survived a pet shop fire. The turtle was the only animal to survive the fire. Was it also the only animal sitting in water? Dunno.

It seems that the family of Terri Schiavo are finally running out of options and this woman will finally be able to die. The only positive in this sad case is that the Repubs might finally have found an issue to hang themselves on. All of the polls are against them on any aspect of this issue and a majority of Americans see them as using the situation for their own political gain. Now the Right to Life wingnuts are threatening that there will be "hell to pay" if this woman's "life" isn't saved after they used the conservative right to win power but then don't use that power to help it is needed. I'm not sure exactly what else they want though. Congress and the president signed an unconsitutional bill on her behalf, Jeb Bush is threatened to illegally send in socail servants to take custody of her. There isn't much else they can do besides storm the Hospice with troops and drag her out. It's all kind of ironic that they termed this issue as "tough for Democrats" and are now about to find out that they're really the ones stuck between a rock and a hard place. Thankfully most Democrats have stepped out of the way or quietly allowed them all the rope they need to hang themselves on this issue. Anyway, there's way too much hypocrisy and outright opportunism for me to list it all here. Let's just say that talk radio has been pretty hysterical and unbelievable the last few days. They'll put any idiot doctor on the radio and (falsely) call them Nobel Prize winners as long as they agree with what they want to hear.

These far right moral police bought into this myth that they elected Bush and the congressional Republicans and they're going to expect some action but they're just now realizing that this party is more than happy to use them every 2 or 4 years and then push them aside. Abortions have gone up every single year since the end of the Clinton presidency. Bush will never move forward on a constitutional amendment banning gay marraige. What exactly are these groups getting for their faith? I can only hope that Pat Buchannan or someone else will stick it to them with a third party run for president in 2006.

I really believe that there is a civil war brewing in the Republican party. The traditional conservatives (small government, financially conservative) are starting to get pissed that the wingnuts are running the party and are more than happy with letting the government stick their nose into everyone's business as long as it doesn't agree with their morality. You just can't play both sides long enough to keep them happy. The Democrats have learned this lesson the hard way and are still having these battles in their own party. Isn't this the perfect reason to have a multi-party system? Ugh.

Enough of that.

Hey, remember bin Laden? Not really? Yeah, neither does the goverment apparently. A recently released report used in evidence against an alleged terrorist apparently states the bin Laden did escape from an assault at Tora Bora in late 2001 which contradicts earlier statements from the Pentagon. Bush has been crticized for using Afghan troops instead of Americans in the assault.

In other news North Korea says they have a bunch of new nukes. If I were a small country that has had a nasty past with the US and I didn't want them to invade my country what would I do? Well, getting nukes would be the first thing which appears to be Iran's plan. Yeah, war has really solved everything in the middle east.

I'm so sick of hearing how "Bush was right" about Iraq. Right about what? He and his handlers screwed up just about everything they did in that country and the only reason they could even have an "election" is because they reversed nearly all of their previous decisions. Iraq supposedly has a democracy and it was all worth it. Do we not have any short term memory in this country? Bringing democracy to Iraq was behind about three other things on the list of reasons to go to war. Wasn't it all about the WMD's? It's amazing to me that those who control the present goverment can rewrite the history. They probably will be remembered as doing the right thing even though it wasn't the reason they stated and if they tried to make this case in 2002 there's no way we go to war. What a waste.

OK, I think I'm done rambling for now. In case you hadn't heard yet I'm having a birthday bash on the 22nd to celebrate my move to "Old Balls" status. 24? Fuck, I need to do something with my life. Meh.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Possible big news in the Basement

I overheard my bosses talking at work today and it sounds like I might be in line for a promotion. Yeah, it sounds like they're changing the format a little bit and I might be upgraded to "Crew Leader" which means I could have as many as 8 people under me. Sure, it's a lot more responsibility but I think I can handle it. The pay increase will be nice too. I could be making upwards of $10 an hour now. I really think this is the break I need to get my career as a temporary employee in the corn research industry started. I really don't even think I needed an engineering degree if this career is going to offer me this type of advancement and financial incentives. I mean, I might even be able to start buying food again. Although it might not be the best PR move considering my all-Ramen and Saltines diet is about to be the next Atkins. I really think the emaciated look is going to be in this summer.

Everything's coming up Ben!