Thursday, March 22, 2007

I don't...uhh...I don't have my glasses on

Tom DeLay making an ass out of himself.

I was listening to NPR this morning and they had listeners responding to a story on him that I didn't hear and they played a few clips from the interview. I about drove off the road listening to him talk about his K Street project to get Republican legislators not to meet with lobbyists representing traditionally Democratic interests.
"Why would I meet with the enemy?"
"Because they're Americans with an interest!", the interviewer says obviously pissed off.
"They're not Americans with my interests."

This is exactly the type of attitude that the current Republicans have. They have to be some of the most partisan people in the history of politics. I don't always think partisanship is a bad thing but these guys go out of their way to stomp on anybody that doesn't toe their line. The other quote that made my jaw drop was the fact that he punished a Republican that had the audacity to push for more money for veteran's health care. Because, with all of the stories about the waiting lists and the crappy facilities they obviously don't need to spend any more money there...

Also, if you have a little time there's a video here of Al Gore testifying in front of the Senate yesterday and a priceless moment near the end when the former committee chairman and global warming denier gets shot down by the current chairwoman Barbara Boxer.

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