Wednesday, March 21, 2007

There's just too much to write about

So many good things are happening that I want to write about but don't feel like putting any more time into sitting at my computer so here are some great links.

Sean Hannity claims he wants to debate Salt Lake City's mayor then weasels out of it and lies about all of the reasons. SL Tribune catches him.

White House and DOJ supposedly release all of the documents pertaining to the firing of the US Attorneys. Are found to be liars. There just happens to be an 18 day gap right before the firings went down where, apparently, no one emailed anything about it. Echoes of Nixon blaming his secretary for erasing the tapes.

Here's video of Tony Snow responding to questions about the gap by looking panicked and pretty much saying, "umm, I have no idea. Ask somebody else. I'm sure they have an answer for you."

Speaking of Tony Snow the Chicago Trib found a column he wrote ripping on Clinton for trying to hide behind the exact same executive privilege excuse his boss is using. Time to backpeddle, I guess.

Anyway, this continues to get worse for the Republicans. Don't they remember, "the coverup is worse than the crime?"

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