Thursday, April 26, 2007

Do I have to answer that?

I stopped by the grocery store today and was checking out when the sweet older woman working looked at the spaghetti and pasta sauce I was buying with all of my other groceries and said, "making spaghetti?"

What am I supposed to say to that? "yeah, great guess!" or "well, I have to eat something and this is about as cheap as you can get" or "no, I just like to break it up so that my toy combines have something in their bins that looks kind of like wheat" (true story from my youth), or "listen, lady, I don't ask you about your religious beliefs". I said none of those things and just sort of mumbled, "yeah."

I guess she was trying to make conversation or something but come up with something a little more interesting than that, please. I'm buying two packages of Solo cups so maybe something along the lines of "binge drinking with 99 of your friends this weekend?".

Absolutely! That is something I can talk about.



Blogger Rachel said...

I see you bought the cups. Smart move. You always were the responsible one. Viva la Combses!!!

5:59 PM  

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