Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I really might be done this time

Like an abused spouse I continue to believe that this time the Royals will change. This time they've really got things figured out. This time they got a competant GM and this time Glass will spend the money. This time they'll win some games and compete.

Well, all of that may be true but not this year. Inspired by the optimism of all of the above mentioned signs I made a bet that the Royals wouldn't lose 100 games this year. Sure, they've hit that number four of the last five years but they were really close to avoiding it last year even with one of the worst pitching staffs in baseball history (note: that's not hyporbole, it was pointed out statistically several times by the media). The pitching staff looked to be much better this year and for most of the year it has been a lot better. Meche and Greinke have even approached looking halfway decent at times. Of course when that happens they inevitable have a bullpen meltdown or zero run support.

The offense has been absolutely brutal. They've scored just one run in five of the 13 games so far this year and have only scored more than five twice. Just hideously ugly. Then there's Buddy Bell who continues to send out Jason "the human white flag" Standridge. As soon as that guy's on the mound everyone can head for the exits because it's all going to be over soon. The two most egregious examples include letting him pitch in the 10th inning of a game against Toronto and then last night's debacle.

I don't even know where to start with last night's game. Bloggers are even making top ten lists about the worst parts of last night. How about pulling Greinke in the first inning in favor of Standridge? Sure, Greinke pitched like crap but when they were only down 4-2 in the middle of the second it didn't matter because Standridge was going to get rocked anyway. Then when the game was already out of reach he burns through everybody with half of a fresh arm in the bullpen as if the Royals could actually score 4 runs in the 9th inning, let alone an entire game. Then there was that great "Only the Royals..." moment when we had no middle infielders available and had to execute a triple position switch and see how our great 3B prospect can play at shortstop. What makes it even more insane is that they already have a former infielder playing in the outfield and an outfielder sitting on the bench. Wouldn't having one guy play out of position make more sense than three? But, I'm not a "baseball guy" like Buddy.

I'm just sick of it. Looking at it realistically they had way too many problems deeply ingrained in the organization to flush them all out within a few months but it's just so frustrating to keep watching this crap.

But, hey, they're giving away fleece blankets against the Twins on Friday, so that's something.



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