Thursday, April 12, 2007

It's tough to argue with stupidity like that

Oftentimes when someone is backed into a corner they lash out with something completely ineffective and ridiculous in a desperation attempt to save their hide. After reading or hearing these about these next four items I'm fairly convinced that the Republicans truly have nothing left and are just throwing shit out there to see if something might stick.

We'll start with former House Majority Leader Tom Delay who said some pretty interesting things on the radio the other day.
I am so outraged by this whole criminalization of politics. It’s not good enough to defeat somebody politically. It’s not even good enough to vilify somebody publicly. They have to carpet bomb you with lies and made up scandals and false charges and indicting you on laws that don’t exist. … It’s the same thing as I say in my book, that the Nazis used. When you use the big lie in order to gain and maintain power, it is immoral and it is outrageous…

It’s the same process. It’s the same criminalization of politics. It’s the same oppression of people. It’s the same destroy people in order to gain power. It may be six million Jews. It may be indicting somebody on laws that don’t exist. But, it’s the same philosophy and it’s the same world view.

There's a lot to talk about in that one.

First, I'm so sick of him using the term "criminalization of politics" but I completely agree with him. I'm sick of the criminalization of politics and we can start to get rid of it by eliminating criminals like you. To avoid being indicted for crimes it's often helpful not to commit crimes in the first place. He used every underhanded trick in the book often skirting the line legally and sometimes crossing it altogether and now he's going to whine that he is getting called on it? And not only that but compare the legal system to Nazi ideology and himself to six million Jews? Give me a break, Tom.

The next story involves the Bush administration and their inexplicable attempt to prevent a convicted felon from testifying before the Senate Finance Committee on how he bilked the government out of $40,000. I couldn't even find a print version of the story so here's the link to the NPR story if you're interested. The basic plot is that this man was to testify and the Bushies went to court to try to stop him in an unprecedanted move. Their reasons for this were absolutely ridiculous and it's a miracle they didn't get laughed at unmercifully when the judge threw the case out.

According to them testifying would make this man "too important and powerful in prison", "more vulnerable to attack", and they had "safety concerns about having him in the same room with high-level government officials." Of course you have to ignore the fact that this exact same process has played out 48 times in the last several years without incident and convicted terrorims financiers have testified without any problems so you'd think a tax cheat might not pose that much of a security risk. I'm sure this testimony is just what this man needs to start his empire inside the prison walls.

Both Democrats and Republicans were baffled about why they would do this. Even Chuck Grassley was bashing Bush saying he thought that the Attorney General, "with all of his problems right now, would have bigger fish to fry" and also reaffirmed the ever-obvious point that there is a "concerted effort in this administration to do everything they can to impede oversight." Yeah, I could have told you that years ago but your rubber-stamp Republican Congress did nothing to stop them for six years leaving them to believe they were beyond oversight. It just makes no sense at all and I haven't heard one legitimate reason why they would do something like that. The only thing I can figure out is they're a bunch of assholes who are trying to do everything they can to extend the power of the executive branch. I mean, why should congress have the right to call people to testify, right?

Oh, and speaking of "concerted impede oversight" several members of the administration had email accounts on a secret non-governmental server and may have "accidently" deleted emails pertaining to the Attorney General firing scandal. Whoops, our bad! Damn, and those really might have been relevant too. Oh well.

I can just picture these assholes furious scrubbing their hard drives in an attempt to save their own asses. By the way, it's illegal for goverment officials not to keep documents and emails like this which is exactly why they were trying to use a different server in the first place.

Anyway, the fourth and final ridiculous argument comes from Kansas' own Sam Brownback. The senator was speaking on the vote to allow federal funding of embryonic stem cell research. He was responding to Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill pointing out that thousands of embryos are destroyed in the in-vitro fertilization process and it would make so much more sense to put those to use possibly saving lives. Sam compared that to harvesting organs from a death row inmate and asked rhetorically "the embryo is going to die, why not use it?" The answer apparently is to protect the embryo's dignity. I'm not sure exactly how much dignity you can have when you're made up of about 8 cells but it's important to have your dignity I guess. If that's the best argument he can come up with I'm pretty sure we know how this vote should have gone.

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