Monday, April 02, 2007

Love for Opening Day

I'll admit that I'm not one of those people that will tell you that baseball's Opening Day should be a national holiday or that it's my favorite day of the year but I do enjoy. Mostly because it's probably one of the last days that the Royals will be tied at the top of the standings but it's still a lot of fun. 41,000 people went out to watch the Royals take on the Red Sox today and to get a look at the young talent that they have been accumulating. Plus REO Speedwagon is apparently on an Opening Day tour hitting up St. Louis last night and KC today. They looked really old but they got to sing the 7th Inning stretch as well.

It was beginning to look like one of the Royals' most hyped prospects ever was going to get a storybook start to his career when Alex Gordon came up with the bases loaded for his first career at-bat. Unfortunately he struck out but that could still be a good story as well.

The rest of the day went a lot better. The $55 million pitcher, Gil Meche, showed his stuff and gave up one run in 7.1 innings. Tony Pena, Jr, already one of the most popular Royals players just for the fact that he's not Angel Berroa, hit two triples and looked like a halfway decent shortstop. Joel Peralta came in and struck out Big Papi in the 8th inning with two men on and the Royals looking to prove they can hold onto a lead this year. Then the next inning he struck out Manny on his way to four straight strikeouts. Possibly the best part of this is that it was on ESPN so they had to find something else to talk about besides how awesome this Red Sox team was going to be today. In the end the Royals came up with a dominating 7-1 victory against Curt Shilling.

I have a case of beer riding on the Royals this season as I bet Swany that they wouldn't lose 100 games this year. I feel pretty good about it because as horrible as their start was last they still barely lost a hundred and their pitching is going to be so much better this year than it was. In fact, their defense and their hitting might be as well.

And that's the beauty of Opening Day. In all probability reality will set in at some point and KC will fall further and further behind in a tough division but there's always reason to hope on Opening Day and there's especially reason to hope when it seems that there is competant leadership in place that seem to have a plan that is coming together.

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REO Speedwagon is from Downer Grove, IL. WOOOOO. Speedwagon!

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