Thursday, May 24, 2007


A friend and I used to joke about the Bush administration finding not only the least qualified person for a job, but the absolute last person you should pick for the job. Hopefully that makes sense but the examples would include a UN ambassador that hated the UN or a former lawyer that defended polluters in lawsuits brought by the EPA as head of the EPA. Sort of like when the Kansas Board of Education appointed someone with no educational experience and a big supporter of private and home schooling.

It's sort of like, well, of course the person is going to do a crappy job, they hate what they're doing and want to destroy it. Unfortunately the American public often does this same thing by electing people who say over and over again that "government doesn't work." Well, you're halfway there. Government definitely doesn't work when you're in charge.

I remember one particular discussion that took place at work as we hid out in a cubicle attempting to do as little work as possible. The object of the discussion was Paul Wolfowitz who had recently been appointed as World Bank president. Why would a man whose whole life has been suggesting bombing Third World countries as a solution to problems be good at finding monetary solutions? Well, the obvious answer now is, he wouldn't. However, I had been taken in by a hopeful Newsweek article that opined that perhaps if he were to see the magnitude of the global poverty issue he would be the one person that could convince the president of the need for real action.

Unfortunately the man who was sent to clean up the corruption ended up being corrupt himself when he moved his girlfriend from the World Bank to a job in the State Department with a higher salary than Condoleeza Rice. Pretty sweet gig.

Anyway, Wolfie finally lost his job and the list of potential successors was leaked today. Leading the list to replace this corrupt reformer? Only one of the most corrupt congressmen in recent memory, Bill Frist. Aggghhh!

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Blog hopping this morning and I just found you...what a great post! I have to say "spot on"...can't wait to read more...

Take care and keep up the good work.

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