Friday, May 04, 2007

Random thoughts on a Friday

My birthday party weekend led right into a busy week full of eye doctor appointments and studying so I didn't have much time to write but that doesn't mean I didn't have anything on my mind. The party and spending time with some of my closest friends from ISU was such a good weekend that the week following it was really pretty depressing. Anyway, here are a few thoughts.

We'll start with the world of sports. The Royals have played 29 games so far this year. In those 29 games they have used 28 different batting orders and 26 different lineups. How is that even possible? What's exciting is they just called up Billy Butler which could lead to even more combinations. While they've been playing much better of late they're still underperforming what I need them to do to win my bet. However we still have those glorious weeks when they go on some meaningless winning streak that pulls them from 40 to 30 games back in the standings so I still have hope. And they play the Twins 13 more times.

So, how about that Dirk Nowitzki? In that San Antonio series last season he almost silenced those that held stereotypes about European players not being mentally tough enough to be a superstar in this league and then he followed that up with a choke job in the final three games in the Miami series and an even bigger choke job in the first round against a #8 seed. It's almost embarrassing that he will probably win MVP. I think they should fly him back to Oakland to present the trophy at halftime of one of their games.

My favorite Tecmo Super Bowl player of all-time is participating in a pirate-themed reality show. Former Chief Christian Okoye will be competing in Pirate Master where contestants live on a ship and search for a million dollar treasure. Let's see, pirates, Christian Okoye, dumb TV show...what else could I ask for? Okoye has always been one of my favorite players because he was the main offensive guy on their good teams when I was first becoming a fan. Then I got Tecmo Super Bowl and have been killing teams with him since then. Plus, in our high school weight room there was this ridiculously awesome poster of him that said "Nigerian Nightmare" where he was wearing the Freddy Kruger hat and glove and players representing the other AFC West teams were hiding in a bed behind him. Bad. Ass. I really wish I could have found the image on the internets but I guess no one is willing to scan posters off their bedroom wall anymore.

Anyway, I think I'll save the rest of my thoughts for another post sometime. Until then...

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