Saturday, May 05, 2007

wolves and fishes

Last night I had one of those times where you're not really sure how something is going to turn out but it ends up being something really fanfreakingtastic.

The band No River City was playing at my friend Jared's house. This is the same house that hosted my birthday party so it's definitely living the crap out of late spring/early summer. Jared had emailed the band after they opened for Mason Jennings in Lawrence about four years ago telling them they should come back to Lawrence. Well, they finally did but unfortunately all of the venues in Lawrence were dumbasses and were already booked up so the show ended up happening at the house. Three bucks, a keg of beer, and some good music. You can't really go wrong with that.

The show was advertised in the Pitch so we weren't really sure how many people were going to show up. Basically only one person showed up that wasn't one of our friend group or invited by a member of the friend group but there ended up being a halfway decent sized crowd even though a lot of the people sat on the porch for some reason but that's alright. The one guy that showed up ended up pissing me off for some reason because he said something really dumb or was just generally acting like an idiot. I was a little drunk and had already complimented him on his Bob Ross t-shirt and it probably wasn't a big deal at all.

So...the band pretty much owned the place. They were awesome and put on a great show for playing in someone's living room and they seemed to kind of get into it. The lead singer looked like he straight out of fucking Deadwood. I mean, he was a deadringer for Al Swearengen. That, combined with his personality, earned him a spot of my mancrush list alongside Billy from the band Oh My God and David Bowie. He was a funny, laid back southern dude that listened to my dumb stories and laughed at my dumb jokes. We talked about our mutual love for the subtleties of the midwest and a bunch of other stuff.

Even though they probably lost money driving from St. Louis to Lawrence and back to Columbia, Missouri they all seemed to be in a pretty good mood. I bought a CD that's providing the soundtrack for this post and it's every bit as good as I remember the show. So, if they're anywhere near you you should check them out and give them some support. But, I mean, only if you're into alt-country/indie type bands that will own your soul. I think they're headed to Colorado, then California, and then Northwest, and Iowa in June. So, other than Iowa, that's pretty much no one that reads this blog but, hey, maybe.



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