Thursday, July 05, 2007

Coming out of summer vacation?

I find myself in a state of severe apathy this summer and I'm not sure exactly why. There's just not much going on it seems and I've fallen into a rhythm of working in the lab during the day and working my same job overnight. I find myself not getting worked up over things like Bush commuting Scooter Libby's prison sentence or Cheney declaring himself both in and out of the Executive Branch as he sees fit or both of the crooks looking to ignore subpoenas. Those are all important things I guess but after 6+ years of this crap I'm not too shocked by anything anymore.

Of course there are always quotes like this one today that raise my ire:
We believe in an Almighty, we believe in the freedom for people to worship that Almighty. They don't.

Great...I'm sure using language of a Crusade will really do wonders.

In the sporting world the Royals are chugging along showing a few signs of hope like having a winning record in June and sweeping the Angels in Anaheim but they're still a few years away from doing any real damage.

The biggest travesty in the realm of sports right now has to be ESPN's "Who's Now?" contest or whatever the hell it is. Anytime I turn on Sportscenter I have to see these guys debating the relative merits of various sports stars. It makes my heart cry a little to see Mike Wilbon, one of the few people on ESPN I actually enjoy, discussing Shaun White and Dwyane Wade like it's actually relevant in any way, shape, or form. Then there's Keyshawn who apparently only knows half the people in the contest. Two nights in a row he said he's never heard of half of the competing parties but that didn't stop him from arguing the point. I haven't seen a more brutal waste of time than high school homeroom.

Unfortunately it's just too damn hot to write anymore. I'll leave you with the Hoff.

Apparently this was shown, along with this one (Pamela Anderson) and this one (Lorenzo Lamas!), on the Jumbotron in Arrowhead during the '94 season. I had no idea of the star power behind that wild card team.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good call Ben. I too hate the who's now stupid segment. I also hate fact or fiction, the coors lite 6 pack, 1st and 10, and any other part of sportscenter that is not showing me highlights of the games from the day. Remember back in the day when all they had were highlights? God that was awesome.


PS: awesome back of shirt from Sox/Twins game on Saturday: "if you can read this, my mullet is too short"

10:34 PM  

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