Friday, August 31, 2007

Football preview

There are only two football teams that really matter so I thought I would take a moment to look at their chances this year.

First up is the Cyclones. I guess I'm a little late on the preview part of it since they played (and lost) their first game against Kent State. I followed some of the action on Gametracker and read the Register's coverage and it doesn't look pretty. It seemed like they played pretty well in the first half. JJ Bass had 106 yards rushing and a touchdown in his debut game and at one point Meyer was something like 12-15 passing. The defense had given up 9 points but hadn't given up too many yards. Then the second half happened.

It started out great as the coach apparently reminded Meyer or his offensive coordinator that that Todd Blythe guy might be kind of good and he caught three passes including the touchdown on the opening six play drive. Kent State responded by scoring and a Meyer interception allowed them another easy six right after that and it was all over. Bass only got a few more carries, Meyer was horrible (2 INTs, 1 fumble, 14-23 with 148 yards), dumb penalties, and a defense that couldn't get a stop to save a life pretty much sealed their fate.

So, what does that tell us? Well, it reinforces my belief that they weren't going to be any good this year anyway. For all of the success he had McCarney seems to have left some pretty serious problems that will take some time to fix. And that's not to say that there won't be some successes this year but I'm having trouble seeing where those will come from (not losing to UNI?). It's really frustrating that with so much experience Meyer still makes those types of mistakes and it's even more frustrating that they still forget about Blythe for long stretches of the game. But, how can I bitch too much when it's the new coach's first game?

On to a team with prospects almost as dim. Your Kansas City Chiefs who have looked absolutely brutal in a preseason they've turned into a circus. It seems everyone in the organization and the fans wanted Brodie Croyle to step up and win the QB job. Take our lumps this year developing a QB of our own and get back to winning playoff games. Unfortunately he sucked. Big time. So big that Damon Huard was given the job despite looking pretty subpar himself and battling and injury for most of the preseason.

I would say that this sequence almost sums up Croyle's preseason. They're playing the Dolphins and he makes a really nice throw for a TD to make everyone feel good. Then the next drive he throws across the field from his back foot for one of the ugliest floaters you've ever seen. Picked off. I say it almost sums it up because the TD pass was pretty much the only time he's looked good.

They have scored a grand total of 32 points (and that includes a fumble return) and maybe 1 TD that wasn't total garbage time. They have been brutal, Jim. The defense was actually supposed to be a strength for this team and they've shown signs of being pretty good and also shown signs that they're still the same poor tackling, slow unit they've been in the past.

Last year Jordan Black earned himself the nickname I-65 for offering pass rushers and express route to the QB from his tackle position. Well, until Damion McIntosh comes back Will Svitek is offering a bullet train trip. I'm not sure I've ever seen an offensive lineman get abused like he did. I hope he doesn't have any kids and if he does that they weren't watching that.

So, where does all of this leave me? Kind of sad I guess. Although maybe my expectations are so low that I can't be disappointed. In a way that's sort of liberating, right? I guess when you're used to your teams crushing your heart when you expect the most out of them it's not so bad to not expect anything.

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Blogger Warrior Princess said...

The same guy ran for almost all of Kent State's rushing yards. #6 & he was superfast & had swanlike graceful moves. Oh, and their QB isn't afraid to be hit. Meyers throws WAY too late in my Ultimate-swayed opinion. I suck at seeing the field, and I'm saying, "That guy! That guy! That guy is open! Give it to him!" Then he finally throws it. I felt bad for the 2nd string QB they put in that immediatly got sacked. Meyers shoudl learn to run. Our punt returner should learn to catch. And we missed some amazing tackles. What do they do for all those hours that they practice?

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