Thursday, September 27, 2007

i gotta get this off my chest

The problem with being so busy isn't that I'm always doing shit but that I never have time to fully formulate a blog post in my head. Instead you're stuck with some sporadic copying and pasting with a few lines of my thoughts if you're lucky. Ah, for the days when I had 8 hours of staring at corn to plan out an entire 15 paragraph rant that I could type up that evening...

Anyway, here are a few things that have been on mind.

I just found out that one of my favorite bloggers died recently. His name was Greg Beck and he was from KC and basically just ranted about stuff and told these wild stories of his years working and partying in the KC bar scene on his blog, "Death's Door, the View from the Spanish Announcers Table." I never met the guy but he definitely wrote some hilarious stuff and lived his life to the fullest. Here's the request he made for his funeral two years ago:
"As a cat gets older we sometimes begin to think of death and living and how we want to be remembered. And I’ve decided that not only do I want to be cremated... but I want every chick at my funeral rocking the red dress. That’s right, a low-cut red dress with those come fuck me at midnight heels. Well, except for my mother cause I doubt she’ll be having any of that shit. So remember, if brain dead, pull the feeding tube, cremation, and red dresses."

I think it's ridiculous when people get so up in arms about things like the Colorado State student newspaper running an editorial that consisted only of "Taser This: FUCK BUSH" in giant letters. Like we're supposed to respect this man just because he's president? He hasn't shown an ounce of respect for anything that he couldn't use to drive a wedge into this country and get himself elected. He's been saying "Fuck the Constitution, fuck the Democrats, fuck the soldiers, fuck New Orleans, fuck the gays, fuck Congress, fuck the Supreme Court, fuck the national treasury, fuck competent leadership, fuck a coherent foreign policy, fuck your rights, fuck anyone not born in this country, fuck you all, I'm the Decider, biatch!"
So, yeah, that's why I say, fuck Bush.

The Cyclones have new uniforms for next year. Not only that but they have an entire new logo. Goodbye spinning Cy, hello I-State. These are the colors and the logo that will be the new face of all the athletic teams.

Thoughts on the uniforms: It looks a lot like USC to me. Now, if they could play that on the field it would be pretty sweet. Actually, I think it's a really good look.

Thoughts on the logo: It was my top choice and I think it will work the best as an actual "logo" like on center court, etc. It will take some time to really grow on me since the spinning Cy was the only current logo I'd really associated with the University since I started school there.

Here's a photo album and here's the FAQ.
Why is Iowa State athletics changing its identity, and why now?

We are building a clear and consistent way to brand Iowa State Athletics – through our team apparel, retail merchandise, in facilities and on collateral materials – at a time when the department is growing dramatically and changing its culture. Our current identity package includes two primary, three secondary and four word marks and this shift to the “Iowa State” mark will brand us more decisively as its equity builds (through success on the playing fields / courts).

What happens to Cy?

Nothing. Cy remains our mascot and that will not change. There is a tremendous pride and support for Cy, which is very important to the alums and fan base of Iowa State. Cy will continue to be our school’s goodwill ambassador – much like Ronald McDonald – in the role of school mascot. Many people wrote to us about Cy’s recent victory in an online mascot contest. Although that popularity is a fact, a mascot has a different role and purpose than a logo or identity mark.

Bottom line, let's start winning some shit again and it will all work out.

I have to say I wasn't really paying much attention at all to the Women's Soccer World Cup until the US went down in flames today. I saw the headline that said something to the effect of "U.S. Coach Changes Goalie Before Semifinal." I thought, "umm, that seems like a dumb move." The goalie he benched had only given up a goal or two the entire tournament and now he's going to switch? What possible reason could you have? Brilliant strategy. It's like a baseball manager sitting the best hitter in the bottom of the 9th because he's facing a lefty (classic Buddy Bell move, by the way).

Of course it couldn't have gone any worse for the coach or the old goalie he threw to the wolves as the US gave up four goals to the Brazilians. The benched goalie ripped him and the goalie to shreds after the game and I can't say I really blame her. Dumb move. And, speaking of soccer, holy jeez, did anybody see Heather Mitts analyzing this on Sportscenter?

Oh, and comparing that coach to Buddy Bell reminded me of how atrociously he's managing down the stretch. He's always sucked but he seems intent on securing his place as one of the only five managers that have a career record 200 games below .500. But what's the most maddening is the fact that they have all of this young talent they called up from the minors in September and he never plays them! Buddy, we know you're leaving after this year but we might kind of want to give these guys a look to see what they can do instead of Esteban German and people we know for a fact won't be here next year either. Please, just go now.

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