Sunday, October 14, 2007

Success....pretty much

So, I managed to attend both games that I planned to.

The day started with an early morning (the ungodly hour of 8:30 AM) wakeup call. The weather looked like rain and the Weather Channel radar agreed with that assessment so I put on the jacket that looked the most waterproof and head over to John and Adam's place for some College Gameday and pregame beers. During the next two hours it started pouring and lightning-ing-ing. We got inside the stadium and were told that the game had been delayed an hour and forty-five minutes due to the storms. We deliberated for a while and decided the most prudent course of action was to head to the Crossing about a block or two away.

This proved to be a fortuitous decision because it allowed me to drink $6 pitchers and watch ISU score their only points of the day! Jack Trice looked packed which is sort of amazing that so many fans will still turn out just to see this team get destroyed every week. I think that ISU fans deserve to cheer for a winner someday and I'm not just saying that because I am one.

Some other highlights from the Crossing included overhearing a story that started something like, "and then I swear to God my brother shit his pants" and finished with "but don't tell him I told you that. Ah, hell, go ahead and tell him." We also got to see part of Iowa's upset of Illinois. The Big 10+1 is terrible and everyone knows it. But, hey, Ohio State is already BCS #1 and should have an easy path to the title. Unless...wouldn't it be great to see a Big 10+1 champ that lost to App State??? Please, let this happen.

Back at the game KU started their usual ass-kicking ways and everyone on our side of the stadium got free KU flags to wave around. KU hasn't really played anybody besides K-State yet but they've just been so damn dominant that it's hard not to think the North will come down to KU-Mizzou at the end of November. They've got a really tough defense and some decent talent on offense. That combined with one of the easiest Big 12 schedules ever designed and I feel pretty good about them. However, if they suck it up at Colorado I definitely reserve the right to change my mind and attempt to hop off the bandwagon.

Right after Baylor lucked their way into a field goal KU took the opening kickoff back for a TD and there was a big blast of thunder right after he cross the goalline. We were all convinced it was fireworks but apparently the bolt of lightning hit right next to the stadium so we had another long delay. More sitting around and talking to random people around us. Finally the game got going again but right before halftime I had to leave to meet my crew.

So, my dad and uncle pick me up and we're off to Manhattan. We do some tailgating there with free beer and really amazing food from friends of theirs. Plus, I got some more free schwag in the form of the infamous POWER TOWEL! And I made sure not to forget it.

But, I do have to give the K-State crowd credit. Our seats were in one of the "old people" sections but they stood the entire game and were loud and into it. I think some of ISU's sections could take some lessons from them when it comes to that. The actual game was entertaining. KSU struggled to shut down CU's running game but got their own run game going which is something they could not do against KU last week. In a strange coincidence my second cousin happened to use her friend's grandparents tickets and sat down in front of us. In the words of my dad, "she's probably just glad she decided to go to this game sober." So true.

This kid a few rows in front of us had this awesome sign with all of these clip art images of wildcats and and purple lettering with the shadow graphics behind it. He held it up honestly pretty damn near the entire game. Kid was way hardcore.

Going into the stadium I was all about the 8:15 kickoffs just because it would be great to tailgate until it was dark and then go into the stadium. However, when I'm not leaving the stadium until after midnight and still have a couple hours until I will be in bed it wasn't quite as cool. Plus, my uncle was driving so damn slow.

He said, "yeah, this is great, I keep it set at 66 and all of these fools passing me get the tickets."
There's a pause and my dad says, "well, the speed limit's 70."

Then we stop at the gas station about 10 minutes outside of Lawrence and it's packed with people going home from the game and it takes about 20 minutes to get something to eat and hit the restrooms when I'm sitting in the car thinking there's a hundred gas stations in Lawrence open right now that could be used after I'm dropped off. But, we finally got out of there and made it home safely which is all I can ask.

All in all partying the night before followed by 2 tailgates and 2 football games (well, one and a half officially) 90 minutes apart can really take a toll on someone like me. So, on that note, I'm going to bed.

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