Friday, November 30, 2007

Aww, not on the

So, this image is from the K-State-Oregon game last night. The story in the email going around is as follows:
Walker came over with about 2 seconds left while they were reviewing how much time was left on the clock after he stole the hail marry pass. He runs over to the bench jumping up and down and holding his balls. He'd been hit a couple times in the throat by Catron and Taylor, so I assumed they went with the low blow this time. NOT THE CASE! I hear him say "I GOTTA PI$$! I GOTTA PI$$!", looking around all frantic. Coach Underwood just kinda stood there not knowing what to suggest. That's when Walker grabs a few Gatorade towels, shoves em down his pants, and the next thing I know we got drips on the Bramlage floor. Everybody started goin' wild...Anderson was laughing about how the photo guys were all taking pictures, meanwhile Luis put up another towel to block the picture process, as Hoskins and Co. just kept repeating "Are you serious??". Underwood and some other guys were shoving their fists in their mouths to contain laughter, and I really don't know if Martin saw a bit of it. IT WAS CRAZY!

The Kansas City Star put it a little more delicately:
With just seconds left in regulation and K-State lined up to inbound the ball and run a last second play, Bill Walker was overcome with an urge too strong to control. he stepped to the sideline and relieved himself with several towels.

Wow, that's pretty amazing. In high school someone accidentally took a swig out of beer bottle filled with piss, but can you imagine if Tarkanian was coaching there? I can only imagine the reaction he's going to get in every road game for the rest of the year.

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