Friday, December 07, 2007

Making my bunnies

Making fun of stupidity on The View is kind of like making fun of Mangino for being fat. It's really easy yet still really fun.

First we have the "New Star Jones." No, not the real one that is all of the sudden skinny but the new fat, sassy African-American woman. Only this one is way dumber.
You can watch the video here but I'll quote from the Huffington Post to tell you what happened.
For whatever reason, the ladies on "The View" were discussing ancient Greek philosopher Epicurus this morning. Naturally, talk soon migrated to the topic of religion, and Sherri "I don't know if the world is flat" Shepherd came out to play. More specifically, to spew ignorance and a complete lack of understanding of basic world history! Discussing whether Christians were around during Epicurus' time (Epicurus lived from 341-270 B.C.), Sherri chimed in, "[The Greeks] had Christians 'cause they threw them to the lions."

When Whoopi tried to cautiously navigate her through the timeline of basic world events, saying, "I think this might predate that," Sherri responded, "I don't think anything predated Christians." Joy's attempt to explain the Greek-Roman-Christian chronology was futile, as Sherri insisted, "Jesus came first before them." Sherri's argument was all the more powerful due to her convincing "use your finger to write on the table" trick, but she can't fight the facts. Perhaps if Barbara were on today she would have explained THAT WHOLE B.C. THING (you know, as in, Before Christ).

"I don't think anything predated Christians."

Oh my. So, I guess that would mean that there were Christians around before Jesus' parents had even met? "Hey, I just want to say I'm really looking forward to the founder of our church being born so we can finally figure out why we all have crucifixes and celebrate something called Christmas."

I mean, that's just stupid on so many levels. I could almost forgive her more if she was spouting some fundie Christian talking points on evolution and all of that but not only is she clueless on history, but she's clueless on the theology and history of her own religion.

Then there's this picture of KU coach Mark Mangino (left) with the Obie, the Orange Bowl Orange (right).

Whoa. You know you're a large man when freaking spherical-shaped mascots stand next to you because you make them look skinny. That orange is seriously excited about it too. Although one thing is troubling me. Are we sure that this orange isn't really the Kool-Aid mascot with a funny hat and a slightly different color? I mean, they've got to be related at least, right?

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