Thursday, January 31, 2008

Larry Johnson, Career Counselor?

If the whole football thing doesn't work out for Larry Johnson (and unless he starts rushing for more than 2 yards per carry it's not going to work out beyond the ridiculously huge contract the Chiefs gave him) I think he could have a good shot at a job as a career counselor. Or at least according to this reporter at the Super Bowl.
ME: Seriously, man, how much was that watch?
LJ: About 300?
ME: Dollars?
LJ: Thousand. They only made three of them in the world.
ME: $300,000? I'd have to spend 10 years worth of pay to buy that.
LJ: Or you could deal crack and get it in three weeks.

Nice. I never thought about it like that. Why am I wasting my time in college for 10 years when I could sell crack and make that $300,000 in three weeks.

Actually, I'm not exactly sure Larry has his numbers right but whatever. It's nice to see he is saving up his money though. I mean, $300K for a watch? That's almost as much as his $350,000 Maybach car that must be driven by a chauffeur at all times.

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