Thursday, January 31, 2008

My run-in with the future

I stopped by the grocery store this morning and picked up a few necessary items. Bread, fruit, cereal...not really important. I head to the checkout counter right when the employee leaves his post to go chat with the girl behind the customer service desk. "No biggie," I thought, "I'll just set all of my items on the belt and he'll see me by then and come back."

Well, as I'm putting my last item on the belt I wonder if I'm actually going to have to yell at this dude but right then he came back with the girl. As he's scanning my card I notice that his nametag says "K-ARL Serving you since 2322".

Wow, I'm being helped by someone from the future....and he took er jooobs!

He's telling the girl, "Yeah, it's actually a derivative of the archaic name 'Karl' but it's pronounced 'Kay Arel'."
She says, "so, you never told me, what's the future like?"
"Oh, man, it sucks."
"It's no good?"
"No! It's terrible! Why do you think I came here? To work in a grocery store no less!?!?"

Good point. So, if you're wondering, the future blows and the style is poor attempts at growing beards and being overweight.


Blogger Shawn said...

The future looks pretty stylin' for one Shawn Walding then...

Sans the overweight part, this guy reminds me acutely of Brian Lucido - the wit, the sarcasm, the lady taken in by it all....

1:09 AM  

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