Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Stars come out in Kansas

I was at the KU-OU game last night and apparently that was the place to be seen.

During the first timeout they showed Scott Van Pelt, Neil Everett, and Sean Salisbury sitting at midcourt about 4 rows up. During halftime they walked around the lower part of the arena soaking in the love or whatever. Either Everett was short or Van Pelt was really tall. Salisbury looked kind of fat and was wearing a shirt that said "Cancer Blows" in big letters.

Then during the "Smile Cam" they showed George Brett and everyone cheered. He looked up and saw himself on the bigscreen and immediately sat down. Rachel was like "who is that asshole? What's his problem?"
I said, "whoa, that's George Brett. Show a little respect."
Then he sprinted out onto the court like a madman.

Also in attendance was Kevin Pritchard, former KU guard from my childhood and current Trailblazers GM, and Jerry Moran, a Republican congressman from Kansas. He got the most lukewarm applause and none from me.

The most amusing/annoying part of the evening was the typical interaction with any of the ushers. We had these at ISU as well. The type of usher that just lives to make people go out of their way to either show their ticket or do something. Anyway, we get inside and notice that almost all of the seats are full again. So, we're looking around trying to find a place to squeeze in and he comes over and asks something like can I help you find your seats? We kind of mumble something about "not really we're just looking for some seats."
Bearded guy: "Where are they?"
Still looking at the seats trying to ignore him Rachel says: "They're student seats."
Bearded Guy: "GA seats"
Rachel: "Uhh, yeah"
Guy: "OK, those are the top section, any of the blue seats over there."
Me: "No, we have student seats. Regular student seats."
Guy: "You'd better get your stories straight."
Me: "Umm, what? There's no story to get straight, we have regular student seats."
Guy: "She said you had GA seats."
Me: "I know that's what she said but she meant student seats. We thought they were all the same things. See, here's my student ID."
Guy makes me pull it out all the way and looks at it and my face then makes Rachel do the same thing. Give me a break.
"OK, just try to to find a seat anywhere in this red section."
Yeah, no shit, that's what we were trying to do.

We spent the rest of the game watching him stroke his beard with a napkin (disgusting) and hassle people over minor issues.
"No stepping over the railing!"
"Go all the way out and use those stairs."
"Let me see your ticket."
"You need to move down into that section."
At one point there was a guy standing by the railing waiting for someone and he actually made him move so he could stand there for a split second before he moved down about five feet.

Jeez, man, get a life.


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