Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Unleashing the lawyers

I heard some people on the radio talking about www.missouritigers.com/ and thought it was a pretty good story.

Apparently, in 2001, a Mizzou fan saw that the missouritigers.com domain name had lapsed so he picked it up. He exchanged a couple of emails with the athletic department about how he wanted to give it to them and only asked they give him the money he payed to register the site. His only motivation was to make sure it didn't fall in the wrong hands. Well, the university never got back to him about it so he started using it as a personal blog where he wrote a lot about Mizzou.

Cut to 7 years later when the university threatens to sue him if he doesn't get rid of the site. This act of intimidation pissed him off so now he's refusing to get rid of the site because their legal arguments are ridiculous. In response he has offered his own list of demands that must be met in order for him to surrender the site.
# Every February 5th is Iam4Mizzou Day at the University of Missouri. This will be recognized officially and an email will be sent out from the chancellor's office wishing everyone Happy Iam4Mizzou Day with adequate enthusiasm. When asked about the meaning of this day, officials are to defensively respond "no comment" and change the subject.

# New president Gary Forsee will use the word "thunderdome" in his next press conference in a confusing, inappropriate way.

# The three university amigos cc'd on the cease and desist letter will be photographed together wearing missouritigers.com Kitty logo shirts. I said Kitty™ logo All Rights Reserved Property of ME.

# I get to take a half court shot at a men's basketball game for absolutely no reason.

# I get to drive the Mizzou helmet car through campus recklessly and will run over a variety of bushes in a wanton fashion.

# I will get a gold star with Iam4Mizzou on it on a bathroom stall at Faurot.

Heh, that all seems fairly reasonable. I support him in his quest.


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