Thursday, February 28, 2008


After more than a year the campaign for president has reached the point where I just want to stab my ears. The two controversies this week were McCain apologizing because some conservative radio loser introducing him called Obama a "hack" and repeatedly used his full name "Barack Hussein Obama." While lame and childish and probably counterproductive it's about par for the course as far as conservative humor goes. I mean, these are the people that think Ann Coulter making jokes about poisoning Supreme Court justices is the pinnacle of modern political humor. They also probably think of Stephen Colbert as their patron saint and can't figure out why it's on Comedy Central.

Meanwhile Barack himself was once again under attack for not wearing a flag pin on his lapel. Clearly no flag pin means you hate America. How can you support the troops without wearing a flag pin? Well, besides not forcing them to stay deployed beyond the usual 12 months and providing them with adequate health care in veteran's hospitals and providing them with armor for their bodies and vehicles. He probably doesn't even have a ribbon on his car.

Why are these issues? This type of "gotcha" politics is created by a media environment that loves a good horserace and forces reporters to listen to the same damn stump speech for days on end until they can't help but blow something as ridiculous as this way out of proportion. Now, I don't want to claim that these things don't matter because in a lot of cases they do give us a glimpse into a candidate. When George Allen used a racial slur that was significant because he's also the same guy who had a hangman's noose in his office along with confederate paraphernalia. It showed a pattern.

The fact that conservative talk radio hosts are assholes isn't news and what the guy said wasn't even that bad. The fact that months ago Obama felt the flag pin was being co-opted into a symbol for those that supported the Iraq War and chose not to wear it anymore isn't news either.

Anyway, I'll end with this hilarious video of a Republican congressman from Georgia who goes on TV to rip on Obama for not wearing a flag pin only to have it pointed out that he's NOT WEARING ONE EITHER! TERRORIST!

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