Monday, February 25, 2008


I finally have a few moments with which to hammer out a quick blog post of things I've been meaning to get to. First, I was at the grocery store today and K-Arl from the future is apparently assimilating to the present quite well and has adopted the more traditional "Karl" nametag with no reference to when he was first employed by Dillons. He also seemed much more interested in his conversation about whether they carried different types of celery with the other employee than discussing the future.

Second, here's something you should check out if you're interested in design trends for things like logos because, well, it's all about design trends in logos. I thought it was pretty cool. Of course here's one logo that will never go out of style, right, Shawn? My favorites were Dos Helix, Rubber Bands, Urban Vinyl, anything with dots, and OpticaLine while my least favorites were Ribbons and Overlap. The Half ones were hit and miss for me. The was kind of lame but the others were well done, IMO.

And, finally...actually, I'm going to start a new post for this.


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