Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Keep on Baracking in the free world

I decided to do my civic duty and help choose our next president by heading to the oft forgotten Kansas caucuses. My original location was music venue/movie theater Liberty Hall but they decided that since it had a capacity of just over 1000 they would need to move it to the Douglas County Fairgrounds.

Erin and Jesse picked me up and we headed out there. As soon as we turned off of Mass Street onto 19th all we could see was cars. There was a line stretching well over a mile just to get there. We cut through some side roads and came in the back way where we found a parking lot that was absolute chaos. It had been raining most of the day so there were big mud puddles everywhere and cars were parked in the middle of the aisles because there was nowhere else to go. We managed to find a spot behind some building and headed to the doors. Once we got there we found another huge line of people standing in the blowing rain. There were probably a few hundred people outside and once we got to the door the line snaked all the way through the building.

Once I finally signed in I was inside and found some other people I knew. They were splitting everyone into groups of 25 so I joined a group. We talked for about two minutes and then pretty much stood in awkward silence for the next 45 minutes until the candidates' representatives started the speeches.

Blah blah blah, eventually we all get into groups. Hillary ended up with 350 votes and Obama took the rest of the 2000+ for 9 delegates to Hillary's 2.

In the reports from the other sites in Lawrence they had to spread into another building because they were way over capacity. When I got back here I saw that this was happening in a lot of places throughout the state. It's awesome to see Democrats in this state so excited even though we might not have a chance against the swarms of Republicans in November. Either way we came out in full force tonight and everyone was loving it.

After it was over we headed out only to see that we were now in the middle of a blizzard. We were trying to get out and decided to find a Pathfinder that seemed to know a secret exit. Well, the secret exit turned out the be going offroad through the mud and snow and eventually through someone's yard and into their driveway. We looked behind and noticed that a bunch of cars were following us. Whoops.

We couldn't turn left so we went towards the traffic for a ways and then decided we had to turn around. On our way past the driveway there was a car stuck in that yard with 10-20 cars lined up behind them. Haha, someone's going to be pissed about that.

Anyway, Kansas went bigtime for Obama and Democrats are fired up for their candidates. I love it.

Hey, I stole a picture of my caucus site from the LJ World. As you can see, madhouse.

Contrary to popular belief that is NOT all of the Democrats in Kansas.

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