Thursday, March 20, 2008

My descent into Madness, part 3

6:09 PM
Well, during the break between games I went for a run. It was shocking to me too. Anyway, I made it a block when some frat dudes sitting in their yard yelled and offered me a beer. I decided, why turn down a free beer? So I hung out with them while I had my beer before continuing my run. They weren't bad as far as frat guys go, I guess. I think their dad owned a dealership or something.

Tonight's games start off with K-State and USC. Could be a good game. I picked USC solely because Tim Floyd is coaching them and anytime you match him up against whatever Frankenstein clone that K-State hired I like their odds. Whoo! Belmont leads Duke 3-0! Please God...

6:12 PM
Walker hits a three for KSU. They'll need him to be hot if they have any chance to win. And another three for the Cats. Uh oh.

6:15 PM
Walker blows an alley oop and then gets stuffed. Walker is such a head case that something like that might actually get him off his game and hurting K-State. The only player that was possibly less mentally tough than he was would have to be David Harrison from Colorado. "What? Someone heckled me? I'd better flip out, get T'd up, and have a horrible game...every time I play Iowa State for the rest of my career."

6:21 PM
Wow, really bad call on Beasley for his 2nd foul. He heads to the bench as the NCAA places a call to David Stern to see how he fixes games using the refs. Bill Walker decides to take over by throwing up horrible shots.

6:23 PM
Beasley cracks me up because he always looks like he's either half asleep or stoned. Hmm...he is a big SpongeBob fan. But, seriously, some of his press conferences are hilarious because he's always joking around about this or that. There's a series of videos from their press conferences where they're always talking about some reporter's iPod that he puts by the microphone. In one of them Beasley leans over and whispers something like "hello iPod, I see you on YouTube." I love the internets.

6:27 PM
So, this commercial where the kids throw snowballs at the cars is hilarious too. Specifically the part where the first driver almost goes into a complete spin because some snowballs hit his stupid minivan. "Dododododoo...OHMYGOD!I'M LOSING CONTROL!!!" If cars really did do that when you threw snowballs at them I'd do it all the time.

7:24 PM
Ugh, leave me alone. I just spent the last hour making and then gorging myself on bratwursts and spinach salad., but I want to mention how surprised I am about this game. Beasley did almost nothing in the first half and they still led by 10. Who knows what will happen with Martin in the future but he gets his guys to crash the boards...hard. It helps having a beast like Beasley but the other guys go balls to the wall too.

7:38 PM
This game has no flow with a whistle every trip down the court. Belmont is down 4 to Duke. I'd have a major Ken Bone if they won that.

7:40 PM
USC coming back but great pass by Beasley out of the double team to some streaking white dude. Seriously nice play. White dude comes back by fouling a guy for a potential three point play. Missed free throw but USC steals it back and Mayo has a chance for another three point play. In personal news I'm eating carrots and they taste like ass. I mean, moreso than usual. USC leads by 1 and Belmont up 2.

7:46 PM
This is what March Madness is all about. Multiple great games that look like they might be going down to the wire. Unfortunately I can only see one and have no idea how Belmont is doing it. Just as I type that CBS gives me the update. I'm glad this is looking better than the giant turds of the games this afternoon. Three games separated by a total of 1 point....

7:49 PM
Kevin Harlan is doing the USC-KSU game. He's a local guy so I hear him on the radio a lot and he does NFL and NBA games. He also kind of sounds like Marv Albert. Come on, Kevin, give us a "YES!" At least do some biting of prostitutes!

7:53 PM
Looks like I'm skipping Lost again. I'd make a joke about being "lost" when I watch the show again but isn't this blog above puns? Prolly not.

7:54 PM
"Nice little spurt by Kansas State." Let's ask Ken Bone about that one. (We're definitely not about making Ken Bone jokes for the next month)

7:56 PM These carrots are going to make me puke but I can't stop chewing them up and choking them down. I have a problem.

7:58 PM
CSI:Miami. I've never actually seen it but it just looks dumb. Big emotional music, people running from the wedding, stupid David Caruso sitting in the midst of all the trashed chairs as the woman says "this was supposed to be the happiest day of your life." Wah, cry about it. Your show sucks.

8:07 PM
CBS switches to the Duke game. I blame them if this goes poorly.

8:08 PM
Belmont leads by 1!

8:09 PM
Is that Vince Gill? I'm serious. What is he doing there?

8:11 PM

8:16 PM
How can Duke foul them every time? Fucking Coach K.

8:17 PM
What the fuck was that? Ugh. I can't believe it.
K-State's going to win. There goes one of my Sweet 16 teams...

8:21 PM
Close but Belmont blew it and Duke somehow survives. Unlike another #2 seed I once knew. I hate Duke. That would have been the best upset of all time. Dammit.

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