Thursday, March 20, 2008

My descent into Madness, part 4

10:01 PM
I'm sure you're all waiting for part 4 so I thought I'd let you know that this is it. I lost all of my momentum after that Belmont-Puke game. Stupid ratface coach K with his smug sense of survival. I hate him. Hate him.

Two games are up in the air still (assuming George Mason's coach doesn't make another "inspiring" speech to spur them to a big comeback. Magic carpet rides? Huh?). I have USC beating Wisconsin in the next round so I wouldn't cry if they went ahead and lost here. I'd really like WVU to win though. That MSU-Temple pick still bugs me and the Big 12 won two games I had picked them to lose. I guess I should have been a homer.

Some final thoughts on the KSU-USC game. I never in a million years would have guessed Frank Martin could outcoach Tim Floyd but that's exactly what happened. KSU looked like this game meant everything to them and had a great gameplan and backup plan even when Beasley had to sit. Floyd's team fell apart and was nowhere to be seen on the glass. It's impossible to guess which K-State team will show up. They could play KU in the elite 8 or they could get blown out against Wisky. I'm feeling pretty good about the way they played tonight though.

Anybody seen the "Viva Viagra" commercial? Yep, just a bunch of dudes sitting around the recording studio singin' songs 'bout Viagra. Disturbing to say the least.

Have I mentioned how much I think Bo Ryan looks like a badger? How many other coaches can say they look exactly like their mascot? Maybe Jim Boeheim looks like an Orange Man but something about Bo's eyes and hair... Check it out.

Anyway, this is it for me tonight. Maybe I'll see you tomorrow but I'm considering drinking somewhere for part of the day...

By the way, this many hours in front of a TV and a computer is not healthy. I can't really focus on, well, anything other than a TV or computer screen.

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Here's Barack's bracket for this year. Hmmm, let's see, two of his prominent upsets - Pitt, and St. Joe's. Any political strategery with the Pennsylvania dark horse trend? Surprised he's not going with Kansas though.....

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