Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Pretentious Lawrence at its finest

I was reading the paper as I was waiting to get my haircut today and burst out laughing when I read this letter to the editor.
To the editor:

Bruschetta is what I would consider the ultimate in summer snacks: sweet tomatoes, savory basil and balsamic vinegar piled atop a crispy garlicky toast. Unfortunately, as it applies to local restaurants in both Lawrence and Kansas City, ordering my favorite dish has become an issue. This is not because of the lack of great makers of bruschetta in the area, but because of the lack of culinary knowledge of the staff serving it.

It never fails that when I order bruschetta (pronounced brus’ket’ta; the “sch” is pronounced as it is in “school”), the person taking my order goes out of their way to “correct” me with the Missouri/Kansas-fied bastardization “brus Shet’ ta.” Not only does this make the server look like a fool, as well as show the lack of culinary knowledge of the establishment in which the dish is being served, it insults the person ordering who is being corrected with an incorrect pronunciation.

The word bruschetta comes from the Roman word “bruscare,” which means to roast over coals, or to toast. It has become a running joke between my friends and me. I order, and then we wait and cringe. It never fails.

To restaurants, please, please retrain your employees. Knowing how to pronounce each dish is the bare minimum of requirements for a server to be able to explain, offer, and serve at a food establishment.

Aaron Clary,


What an absolute classic letter. First, the fact that anyone would actually take the time to write a letter to the editor about this is incredibly lame. However, I think my favorite part of is how he feels compelled to not only explain the pronunciation but to tell us exactly what the dish is and what the root word is. Wow, thanks, Aaron. I'm incredibly impressed with your culinary knowledge...

Not surprisingly for the LJW this letter generated 139 comments making fun of the author and arguing over the correct pronunciation at question as well as "Arkansas" and any other number of words.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sure the beatings to that guy is at least the same number of letters.


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