Monday, April 21, 2008


A lot of times class is really boring so I spend a lot of time checking out what other people are doing to waste the 50 minutes until they can leave. Usually it's a lot of Sudoku or text messaging or talking out loud but today the girl in front of me had her day planner open and something caught my eye. For Sunday, April 20 the only thing she had written there, in giant letters with a smiley face, was "WEED! :)". Yeah, you don't want to forget that. I want to ask her how it all went for her.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Israeli Soccer Hooligan Weekly

Israeli soccer club Betar Jerusalem was leading 1-0 and were on the verge of clinching another championship when thousands of their fans decided to storm the pitch. Unfortunately there were still 4 minutes left in the match. They were cleared momentarily before coming back out forcing the referee to suspend the game. This isn't the first time their fans have caused problems as they have been found guilty of 23 different infractions in the last 2 and a half years. Now, you're probably saying "ok, soccer hooligan violence. What's new?" but the reason I'm writing about it is this absolutely hilarious video of one of their "injured" fans being taken off on a stretcher deciding he should leap off in an attempt to beat a photographer with his shoe. Classy.

Here's what their owner had to say about the fans:
“We have nothing to celebrate, we’re losers. I don’t know how to rid of these fans. They’re completely irresponsible. Our players and management make a big effort and these fans ruin everything. I have no respect for them. These fans are bastards and fools. As far as I’m concerned [Beitar coach] Itzhak Schum is a champion, [club chairman] Eli Arazi is a champion, the players are champions, but Beitar is not a champion.”

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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Power of the People

Here's a story that I like and shows the power unions can have.
A Chinese ship carrying arms destined for Zimbabwe was last night forced to turn back after South African unions refused to unload it, claiming that to do so would be “grossly irresponsible”, South African media reported.

The reversal is a humiliation for President Mbeki, who had said that the Government was powerless to stop the shipment of three million rounds of AK47 ammunition, 1,500 rocket-propelled grenades and more than 3,000 mortar rounds and mortar tubes to President Mugabe’s armed forces.

It was not clear last night where the ship was now destined, or whether it was trying to deliver the arms by a different route. The retreat, if confirmed, would represent a victory for human rights activists, who had filed a legal petition to block the transfer of the goods, and also for the 300,000-strong South African Transport and Allied Workers’ Union, who had said that the arms would worsen the political crisis in Zimbabwe.

“Our members employed at Durban container terminal will not unload this cargo, neither will any of our members in the truck-driving sector move this cargo by road,” Randall Howard, a union spokesman, said.

“South Africa cannot be seen to be facilitating the flow of weapons into Zimbabwe at a time where there is a political dispute and a volatile situation between Zanu (PF) and the MDC [Movement for Democratic Change],” he said.

When people band together they can make a difference

Also of note from the article is that 10 Chinese soldiers have entered Zimbabwe and are traveling with Mugabe's forces. Apparently being involved in the wrong side of human rights in Tibet and Darfur aren't enough. It's kind of surprising though, usually this is the kind of crap that American groups like the CIA get into. Mugabe has refused to release the results of the most recent election and just forced a recount amidst a violent post-election crackdown on the opposition. Unfortunately there is a great likelihood of fraud since the ballot boxes have not been guarded since the election.

Propaganda from the Pentagon

The New York Times just released a long, long article detailing the Pentagon's extensive efforts to use retired military personnel as part of a propaganda campaign in support of the Iraq War and the administration's views after the war began. Not that it's too shocking but it was somewhat surprising to me how blatant they were about it. Many of these supposedly independent analysts had business interests that could benefit them by using the access. Essentially the government wined and dined them, gave them access to military leadership at the highest levels and in return the analysts would spit out, in some cases word for word, the talking points the military wanted out there.

There's way too much to summarize the entire thing but this part was interesting to me. The hand picked analysts are sitting down to a private meeting with intelligence experts before the war.
Some analysts said that even before the war started, they privately had questions about the justification for the invasion, but were careful not to express them on air.

Mr. Bevelacqua, then a Fox analyst, was among those invited to a briefing in early 2003 about Iraq’s purported stockpiles of illicit weapons. He recalled asking the briefer whether the United States had “smoking gun” proof.

“ ‘We don’t have any hard evidence,’ ” Mr. Bevelacqua recalled the briefer replying. He said he and other analysts were alarmed by this concession. “We are looking at ourselves saying, ‘What are we doing?’ ”

Another analyst, Robert L. Maginnis, a retired Army lieutenant colonel who works in the Pentagon for a military contractor, attended the same briefing and recalled feeling “very disappointed” after being shown satellite photographs purporting to show bunkers associated with a hidden weapons program. Mr. Maginnis said he concluded that the analysts were being “manipulated” to convey a false sense of certainty about the evidence of the weapons. Yet he and Mr. Bevelacqua and the other analysts who attended the briefing did not share any misgivings with the American public.

Mr. Bevelacqua and another Fox analyst, Mr. Cowan, had formed the wvc3 Group, and hoped to win military and national security contracts.

“There’s no way I was going to go down that road and get completely torn apart,” Mr. Bevelacqua said. “You’re talking about fighting a huge machine.”

That's pretty damning stuff to admit that you didn't believe the intelligence they were feeding you but that you still went on the air in support of the war anyway. Once again, not surprising when government propaganda, the military industrial complex, and a lazy media that won't bother to disclose these conflicts of interest meet. They probably all got rich and the rest of us got fucked.

Like I said, there's way too much in there to summarize but I think it's a pretty interesting read into how all of this works so you can take what these guys are saying worth a grain of salt the next time they're on TV talking about how great things looked the last time they were in Iraq.

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Friday, April 18, 2008

I'm not gonna do what everybody thinks I'm gonna do and FREAK OUT!

I feel like I should make some sort of announcement here since I know there are some readers that I don't get to talk to much but still should be updated on my life. This is kind of hard for me to talk about but I got fired from my first job last week.

Yeah, bummer, I know. I really never thought I would be the type of guy that would get fired. The people that would get fired were the people that wouldn't show up for days at a time or stole from the cash register or something. Not responsible me!

Since it's pretty evident they will never give me my job back I feel liberated to tell the story (besides this blog is for entertainment purposes only, nothing in it is true). It was a Monday and KU was playing in the national title game that night. I decided that I really needed to watch this game downtown since the last few games were absolutely crazy and tens of thousands of people were going to be there. How often am I ever going to be in a situation where I'm in a college town that is cheering on the hometown team for a national title? My days in Ames passed without getting that chance thanks to that highway robbery that occurred in Auburn Hills but here was another chance. I had fully jumped on the bandwagon and become one of the biggest Jayhawk homers around (but never cheered for them against ISU). The only thing standing between me and an overcapacity bar full of screaming fans was the fact that I was scheduled to work at my job as a residential assistant for adults with developmental disabilities at 10:30 PM. (Yeah, I was a goddamn hero until last week.)

Fortunately I came down with a convenient illness. Now, granted, on most days I would have sucked it up and gone to work but here was my way out. I called my boss and she said I needed a doctor's note so I made an appointment and got checked out. The doctor was nice enough to write me a prescription for some type of cough suppressor and wrote that due to my respiratory illness I should not go to work for 24-48 hours. I'm infectious! I can't go spreading this illness around to the guys at my house! That would be irresponsible.

What wouldn't be irresponsible would be going to stake out a good spot at the bar at about 4 PM. The actual game watching was one of the best experiences I've had forever. This bar, like every other bar or restaurant in town with a TV, was wall to wall packed with every type of stereotypical Lawrencian there is. Hipsters, frat dudes, slightly obnoxious middle aged people, freaks, geeks, the whole ball of wax. And all of them were cheering every single basket and rebound for the entire game. Then, just when things were looking their worst they complete one of the most amazing comebacks in championship game history. When Chalmers hit that shot I thought the place was going to explode. After the game was over everyone spilled into the streets to celebrate.

It was so crazy that within minutes I had lost everyone in my group. I did, however, find three single shoes covered in mud. I saw people I knew from home, people in my classes, I even saw my old neighbor pissing in the doorway of a cellphone store. After a while I decided I'd had enough and needed to head home. Unfortunately I still had one more person to see.

"Hi, Ben!" a chipper voice rang out. I look over and I'm practically walking next to my boss.
"Uhh, hi."
"How are you doing?"
Think, think, think, dammit! I've got nothing.
"Umm, I'm feeling like shit but I'm pretty happy we won."
She turns to go to her car and I cross the street.

I don't even really want to relive the phone call the next morning but how she put it was something like, "Ben, after seeing you out last night I think we're going to have to let you go."
Go where, I thought. Sure, I figured I was in trouble but I actually was sick and had a note and prescription to prove it. All she saw was me walking a few blocks from my house. It's not like I was swinging from a light pole with my dick hanging out like a bunch of other attention whores. However, none of my arguments swayed her and even the email I sent later could do nothing to change her mind. In her condescending reply she said it's hard for me to see "the big picture" and how disruptive it is when people miss shifts. Yeah, no shit, but I barely even take vacation, let alone call in sick every other week like everyone else I work with. Over a year of valid service goes down the shitter for this? Ah well.

I was pretty bummed for a while because I won't get to hang out with the guys at the house and how many jobs are there that pay you to sleep? However, I've come around to realize the whole situation was absurd and should you really feel bad about losing a job that pays about $7 an hour? I'm about to be raking in that fat grad school stipend, suckas. Unfortunately, before I get there, I'm probably going to have to get some lameass 2nd shift factory job that pays me halfway decent so I can still work in the lab most of the day. The worst part of it for me is now I have to go find a new job and learn something different and I have to keep working under people that piss me off. However, the best part is thinking about how this will most likely be the last shit job I ever have. Ha, and it only took me until 27 to leave those behind...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Why Our Democracy Sucks in 2008 (It's the Media!)

Being the political junkie that I am I actually tried to watch a little of the debate between Clinton and Obama tonight. I say tried to because I had to give up when the first round of questions consisted only of bullshit about Obama's pastor, what Hillary said about Bosnia, and even why Obama doesn't wear a fucking flag pin! Seriously? These are the issues that we need to be discussing? I'm shocked they didn't ask him why he refused coffee in that tiny diner.

From what I've read it took 52 minutes before a question was asked about Iraq and 64 minutes before a question was asked about the economy. In every poll, time after time, these are the #1 and #2 most important issues to voters but these assclowns at ABC would rather talk about guns, God, and being bitter. Well, no shit people are bitter.

Hello?!? You're supposed to be the media! The Fourth Estate that asks the important questions so that American voters can make an informed decision but you're way more interested in making this into a horse race so you can put a little up or down arrow next to everyone and try to guess if the latest comment you're blowing out of proportion will move the polls a few points or not.

It wouldn't be that big of a deal to me except this is how assholes like Bush get elected. Al Gore is a liar and boring! Look, he changed his tie, what message is he trying to send? Kerry is an elitist and I heard he faked his injuries in Vietnam or something. No! Tell us how Bush is a fucking moron who would be/is a disaster. Obama not wearing a flag pin will have zero effect on the lives of anyone. I can guarantee that. So why are we talking about it? McCain doesn't wear a flag pin. Hillary doesn't wear a flag pin. IT DOESN'T MATTER IF SOMEONE WEARS A GODDAMN FLAG PIN! The war, you idiots! The fucking war matters! Ask them about it!

Here is a list I stole of topics that were deemed not important enough to discuss:
The financial crisis
The collapse of housing values in the US and around the world
Health care
The declining value of the US Dollar
The decline of American manufacturing
The Supreme Court
The burgeoning world food crisis.
Global warming
The attacks on organized labor and the working class
Terrorism and al Qaeda
Civil liberties and constraints on government surveillance

Honestly is it any wonder that no one watches or reads the news anymore? My sister used to joke about watching "the news" whenever she saw a commercial for E! News but can you really tell a difference anymore?

What really pisses me off is that Charlie Gibson apparently kept going after them on capital gains tax, something that only affect rich assholes like him. Hmm, wonder why he's so concerned about that and not any of the other issues. Talk about out of touch...

Here's what Editor and Publisher, a journal covering the media had to say:
In perhaps the most embarrassing performance by the media in a major presidential debate in years, ABC News hosts Charles Gibson and George Stephanopolous focused mainly on trivial issues as Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama faced off in Philadelphia.

Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the health care and mortgage crises, the overall state of the economy and dozens of other pressing issues had to wait for their few moments in the sun as Obama was pressed to explain his recent "bitter" gaffe and relationship with Rev. Wright (seemingly a dead issue) and not wearing a flag pin while Clinton had to answer again for her Bosnia trip exaggerations.

Ugh. OK, I'm feeling slightly better now but it's just so freaking dumb that the media is this clueless and obsessed with these minor issues. I mean, these really are the Britney's crotch stories of the presidential race and they just go over every detail with a fine toothed comb as if any of it mattered at all. Get a clue and start doing your job.

Update: Here's video of Charlie Gibson being booed by the crowd at the end of the night and a sampling of the comments on ABC's website. You know you sucked as moderator when the crowd boos you at a debate.

Oh yeah, and I know this is my 3rd post today and 5th in 2 days. Can't stop won't stop!

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Things liked more by people at the bar across the street than by me

I live across the street from a shitty little dive bar primarily frequented by the local greek population. Here is a partial list.

1. Garth Brooks (three in a row tonight?)
2. Polo shirts with pastel colors
3. Popped collars (to be fair I don't see any tonight but I have before and everyone knows once you pop you can't stop)
4. Pissing in the corner
5. 3.2 beer
6. Living in Johnson County (hasty generalization)
7. Frats
8. Tucking pastel polo shirts into somewhat tight khaki shorts
9. Loafers
10. Yelling "Whooo!"
11. Dave Matthews Band
12. Fake tans
13. Going to the Hawk later tonight

Spring is here

My favorite day of the year is the first really warm day when I look and realize that almost all the trees have buds on them. It happened today as I turned the corner to walk down the hill and noticed for the first time that the landscape in front of me was starting to have a green hue amidst the sea of brown. It's like everything just decides to happen at once. The trees that had buds before suddenly have full-blown leaves. The trees that were barren last week suddenly have buds. Flowers are blooming. Even I shed my jacket for the first time this year venturing outside in only a t-shirt (and, uh, pants of course).

Unfortunately in Kansas it's nearly impossible to have a great spring day temperature-wise without hurricane-force winds so that kind of put a damper on things but it's nice to actually think about unleashing my bony pure white legs upon the world. But, we'll save that for another day, as for now I just want to enjoy this moment with the rest of you. In fact, a quick glance across the midwest shows it's nice everywhere. Huzzah! Enjoy it!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tim Robbins FTW

I hate to do next to nothing for weeks and then throw out two posts in the same hour but when it rains it pours and I just read about this speech that Tim Robbins gave to the National Association of Broadcasters yesterday. As usual, he owned. I don't have text of the whole thing but I've found parts of it here or there (video here).
He started out by apologizing to the right wing nutjobs on the radio:
Robbins at first hesitated over whether to deliver the speech he had prepared, thinking he might serve the audience better by submitting to a Q&A session with a moderator.

But after some back and forth with the audience, which encouraged him to go with the speech, Robbins obliged. He launched into an apology to conservative talkers Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly "and Laura whatshername," noting that all had labeled him traitorous or unpatriotic for having called for more time to be given to U.N. weapons inspectors before deploying military force against Iraq.

"They said I was a dupe of left-wing appeasement ... and how right they were," Robbins quipped. "Had I known then of all the smiling faces" that now populate Iraq, "the wildfire of democracy that is spreading throughout the Middle East," he would have not spoken as he did, he said.

He added that he can see now that his words were indeed "traitorous, unfounded and irresponsible, so I apologize to the talkradio geniuses."

He then took on the industry itself:
The fun started to get uncomfortable when Robbins referred to both the Reagan and Clinton administrations having eased limitations on media ownership -- all to the "benefit" of communities, which then no longer had to listen to diverse, complex opinions "or alternative rock." NAB has supported relaxing ownership rules.

Robbins peaked with what he called a three-pronged proposal that broadcasters should adopt in order to eliminate "confusing, complex issues" such as diversity of thought and opinion.

"First, erase all diversity," he said. "You only need two opinions. Second, stay focused on sex scandals. We don't want any kind of reporting outside the soundbite. I don't know about you, but show me a drunk starlet getting out of a car with no panties on, and I think the world is a better place. Third, more distraction. The economy sucks? Chaos in Iraq? It is a moral responsibility to distract."

Robbins stepped on sensitive ground when noting that "just when we were getting close to a national music playlist, along comes satellite radio that actually plays music people want to hear."

I admit that I'm a sucker for stuff like this and Stephen Colbert destroying the media in a similar type speech a few years ago. The article said that about 2/3 of the crowd gave Robbins a standing ovation and I think a lot of them would like to do their job well but they're beaten down by their corporate taskmasters who would have them covering Britney's latest stint in rehab or playing Creed and Nickleback every hour on the hour. But, anyway, good job, Tim. I remember when you were getting hammered as a clueless Hollywood liberal in the run up to the war but...suprise! got it right better than the media did. In fact, here's what he said at the beginning of his speech:
When I first received the invitation I was a little confused, because the last time I had contact with the national media I seem to remember they were telling me to shut the hell up.


I meant to get ahead in my studies tonight but ended up doing something I found much more interesting even if the rest of you philistines might mock me for it. I ended up watching a documentary featured on the PBS program Independent Lens called King Corn. It followed 2 recent college graduates as they moved to Greene, Iowa and grew an acre of corn in an effort to learn about the corn industry.

It was pretty entertaining for a few reasons. First, for some strange reason, it made me nostalgic for my days working in the corn fields. It was hot, tiring, dirty, monotonous, didn't pay very well and I bitched about it incessantly but that was really half the fun. I worked with a pretty good group of guys who could bond over making inappropriate comments and hating on the rest of the people we worked with who were major tools. It also made me nostalgic for Iowa a little bit as they filmed a brief segment on the campus of Iowa State and also spent quite a bit of time in Charles City, a town I drove through twice. I'm practically famous now.

The guys were actually pretty dorky but that actually worked in some parts when they would just stare at someone or kind of look at each other when something didn't make any sense at all. The farmers they found were all typical farmers and they tended to have a pretty amused look about the whole thing.

Second, it was interesting because I've been reading a little bit about the impact that these monstrous corn crops are having on the world. The price of a bushel of corn when they made this film in 2005 was about a $1.50 and today it's over $6. I wrote about this last year or two years ago but am too lazy to find a link. This is contributing (but not the only factor) to rising food prices worldwide which has led to riots in places like Haiti and Mexico.

In fact, in a lot of ways this film was almost out of date because the ethanol boom hadn't taken hold yet. Most of their film focused on the fact that even though the corn they grew was basically inedible to humans (and they looked like idiots trying to eat it straight off the cob), many people eat an almost exclusively corn-based diet. Cattle are fed corn for about 140 days before they are slaughtered even though they are incapable of surviving on that diet for long periods of time. However, it's cheap and makes the meat taste better so we keep doing it. All of the sugar is sucked out and made into high fructose corn syrup which goes into just about anything processed (which is most foods). They said that 200,000 acres of corn is grown just for the sweetener that goes into the soda consumed in Brooklyn alone. Our corn sugar based diet is one of the leading causes of the diabetes epidemic that is sweeping through this country and likely to get worse. Drinking one pop a day doubles your chances of developing diabetes, by the way.

Anyway, I won't keep quoting these random facts I picked up but these are definitely questions we should be asking. Corn gives us incredibly cheap food here in the America. However, it also costs us a lot healthwise and will get more expensive as we attempt to turn food into fuel. There is certainly a place for biofuels but as a longterm solution there must be better options and corn is really horribly inefficient as far as that goes.

Our industrial farm system is failing rural America. This system is one that grew out of cheap oil and those days are gone forever. In the future we're going to have to go back to smaller farms growing food more locally and that means growing more things that people can actually eat without being sent to a giant processing plant that makes an entire town smell like shit (no offense to Sioux City or Cedar Rapids). Really agriculture won't be alone in this as we're going to have to downsize everything in this country just to be able to afford to live. It's going to be interesting when the ghettos move from the inner cities to cheaply made McMansions in the suburbs as the people with money move back to the urban centers. Sprawling suburban wastelands like greater KC will have a tough time adjusting and places like Las Vegas and Phoenix might just be fucked altogether when the west runs out of water.

With the human population growing exponentially I really don't think that finding new ways to conserve will even come close to keeping up with the coming crises and only wholesale changes in the way we live and, honestly, our current standard of living will allow us to survive. So, yeah, I'm pretty pessimistic about the whole thing. I started to write a rant about the population boom but I think my thoughts on that might be better served with a new post and some facts to back them up. Maybe I'll get to that sometime.

So, in closing, fuck corn and fuck Iowa. This is all your fault.


Friday, April 11, 2008

Maybe losing cable isn't so bad

So, I may have been getting my cable TV in a way that may not exactly be what people call "legal." All was right with the world as my cheap ass wasn't paying full price for what I was getting but I still got to watch my programs. Like a lot of Americans I justified it in a lot of different ways: they charge too much anyway, I'm not really stealing anything, I have no morals, etc. Anyway, all of that came to an end today at the hands of the dreaded audit. It really sucks coming home on a Friday and finding nothing but static...and right before the season finale of Rock of Love II. Uhh, so I heard.

By the way, has anyone seen the commercial for that celebrity fat camp show? Specifically the one where Screech is crying and says something like, "I just came here to work out, man." As hilarious as that clip was I still couldn't bring myself to watch that even to find out why he would say something so ridiculous.

So, where am I going with all of this? Well, I read something today that brought up why I might not miss cable TV at all. After all, why would I feel bad for missing crack political analysis from Chris Matthews like this?
SHUSTER: Well, here's the other thing that we saw on the tape, Chris, is that, when Obama went in, he was offered coffee, and he said, "I'll have orange juice."


SHUSTER: He did.

And it's just one of those sort of weird things. You know, when the owner of the diner says, "Here, have some coffee," you say, "Yes, thank you," and, "Oh, can I also please have some orange juice, in addition to this?" You don't just say, "No, I'll take orange juice," and then turn away and start shaking hands. That's what happens [unintelligible] --

MATTHEWS: You don't ask for a substitute on the menu.

SHUSTER: Exactly.

MATTHEWS: David, what a regular guy. You could do this.

One of those weird things like what? Where the server asks if you want coffee and you order something else? Umm, I'm pretty sure that's a fairly normal interaction.

"You don't ask for a substitute on the menu"? Do you even understand what that means? Chris, if you turn your menu over there are a wide variety of beverage choices and the restaurant really doesn't care one way or the other what you want to drink. It's not like coffee is the only thing served in this place.

And then they want him to take the coffee and the orange juice? How the hell is he supposed to shake hands with people if both of his are carrying cups? And then he doesn't want coffee so is he just supposed to set it down untouched when he's done? Can I ask more than four rhetorical questions in a row?

That has to be one of the most inane and strange things to complain about. Oh, you elitist Ivory Tower liberals and your latte, err, orange juices...

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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Ol' Roy

Obviously one of the biggest stories in the leadup to the Final Four has been Roy Williams coaching against KU for the first time. Locally it's been beaten to death. I think it's been beaten beyond death. It's a gooey mess on the floor and the media keeps flogging it.

Just being around town I hear a few people mention it once in a while but it doesn't seem to be even close the most important matter for most people. Most just seem to be excited about being in the Final Four and obviously they want to win against Roy but moreso because they want a title.

Despite this impression the story always seems to be, "why can't KU fans get over Roy?" Because of this they always the lunatics that they find for these stories that talk about how much they hate Roy, blah, blah, blah. Then on the other side of the coin the LJ World wrote a story on Roy's good buddies in Lawrence who sounded equally insane when they said they couldn't even handle watching the game on TV because it was so hard! This guy is actually going to go to a movie during the game because somebody was going to lose. Seriously? Dude, relax and get off Roy's jock for half a second. It's a basketball game!

Today I've heard some talk about this article by former KC Star reporter Jason King. A couple of passages really caught my eye though.
The crab legs and Caesar salad were delicious. But when he looked across the table at his buddy, Ted sensed something wasn’t right.

“It was obvious,” he said, “that Roy was hurting.”

Earlier in the day, Williams read an Associated Press article about the family-owned barbershop where he used to get his haircut in Lawrence. Williams’ picture was once displayed prominently in the front of the store. Now it hangs near the commode in the restroom – or as it’s been re-named, The Roy Room.

“We figured if Roy had stuck around, they would have named a building after him,” owner John Amyx said. “So we decided to name a room after him. That seemed to be the best place to see his picture, too.”

Seagroves said Tuesday wasn’t the first time his friend had been disappointed by a derogatory article.

“He still reads the paper and hears those comments,” Seagroves said. “You can see the hurt in him when he talks about it now. I don’t think he expected such strong resentment from the fans and folks there. He loves Kansas. There’s a part of him that would still love to be there.”

We all know Roy loves crab legs and caesar salad almost as much as boys but that wasn't really my point. Here's the second part:
Brown said he believes that time will eventually heal the wounds that still seem to fester among certain Kansas fans. The process, albeit slowly, may already be under way. The Kansas City Star on Tuesday conducted an online poll asking readers to vote on how they would respond if they saw Williams on the famous Riverwalk in San Antonio, the site of this year’s Final Four.

Twelve percent of readers said they’d push Williams into the water. Sixty-eight percent said they’d shake his hand and thank him for his time at Kansas.

“Print that out for me, would you?” Holladay said. “I want to make sure I show that to him. It will make him feel good.”

Holladay hopes similar situations – just simple, inconspicuous moments – continue to present themselves in San Antonio this weekend. But he also realizes chances are good that Williams may be booed during the Tar Heels’ public shootaround on Friday or during Saturday’s pregame introductions.

Williams isn’t excited about either event.

“There are two things I’m not looking forward to,” he said. “I’ve got to answer questions about me and Kansas all weekend. And I’ve got to be able to stand up and listen if someone wants to yell something at me.”

Williams is asked how he’ll react, if he’ll grit his teeth and shrug it off.

“I don’t know,” he said. “Probably. We’ll have to see.”

He's a freaking basket case! He's so despondent that an online poll will make him feel better? I honestly worry about him. I think Roy's the one that needs to let it go, not the KU fans. You went to a different job, KU isn't your team anymore. It's understandable that you might cheer for them but you can't go somewhere else and expect everyone to feel the same about you. It just isn't going to happen so why are you so worried about it? Your team is in the Final Four and you're reading articles in a newspaper about what fans at your old school think about you.

KU fans and Roy always had a very weird relationship, in my mind. You could almost compare him to a cult leader in some ways. He's the guy that held a press conference at the football stadium in 2000 just to announce that he WASN'T changing jobs. And 15,000 people showed up! When people are that obsessed you can't expect all of them to forgive and forget. In fact, it's really pretty bizarre that emotions are still so powerful on both sides. I'm not sure I can think of another situation where there are feelings like this.

I think most Kansas fans would love to stick it to Roy on Saturday and probably even more than they would about most coaches. But obsessing over him? Maybe that part goes both ways...

Hillary STFU

ABC News quoted Hillary Clinton as saying "Barack Obama cannot win, Bill. Barack Obama cannot win" while Bill Clinton flips out and goes on a red-faced tirade in front of undecided superdelegates in California. These people are unhinged. Obama can and will win if you stop trying to prevent it from happening.

I really think this is a case of her believing her own BS that she was the inevitable nominee. If only those pesky voters hadn't gotten involved. Stupid Democracy.

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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Hillary the Spy

This is pretty old news but something I never got around to writing about.

Anyway, back when Hillary Clinton was claiming that she, along with John McCain, had "crossed the threshold" while she wasn't sure Obama had yet she mentioned the time she helped bring peace to Northern Ireland and landed "under sniper fire" forced to run with their heads down to their vehicle. Eventually it came out that the peace accord in Northern Ireland had already been signed when she arrived but she did manage to meet with some nice women at a church. Oh, and the trip that was supposedly to dangerous for anyone else? Well, her entourage also included Sheryl Crow and Sinbad.

You remember Sinbad, the actor/comedian in the late 80's/early 90's? Yeah, what a character. Well, Sinbad was enjoying the career resurgence and had this to say about the trip:
"I think the only 'red-phone' moment was: 'Do we eat here or at the next place,'" Sinbad told Akers recently.

Sinbad said the whole description is ridiculous. "What kind of president would say, 'Hey, man, I can't go 'cause I might get shot so I'm going to send my wife,'" Sinbad told Akers. "'Oh, and take a guitar player and a comedian with you.'"

Of course, it's ridiculous. Somehow Hillary is supposed to be the better president because she was in Bosnia? Well, I thought Sinbad was pretty funny in First Kid. I think he's crossed the threshold.

The story was finally shot to hell when CBS News produced footage of her trip. Apparently the danger was so great that they had time to have a meet and greet with an 8 year old girl. Scary moment for all, I'm sure.

So, what finally spurred me to write this blog is to hopefully encourage you to read this very well-written parodies of how Hillary might have remembered these trips. Part I in Bosnia and Part II as Hillary and Bono single-handedly save the Northern Ireland peace process.

I really wasn't a big fan of bashing Hillary because I think she would have made a fine president. However, the actions of her and her husband have just gotten to ridiculous. They continue to try to plant sly racist and other attacks against Obama in the media while at the same time complimenting McCain which is unacceptable for any potential Democratic nominee in my mind. The math is just against her at this point and her only hope is that she tears down Obama to the point that the superdelegates feel he is unelectable and go against the will of the voters. If that were to happen I can't even imagine the scene at the convention or within the party. It would start a civil war. The time has come for her to bow out gracefully and maintain her good status within the party.

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