Sunday, April 20, 2008

Israeli Soccer Hooligan Weekly

Israeli soccer club Betar Jerusalem was leading 1-0 and were on the verge of clinching another championship when thousands of their fans decided to storm the pitch. Unfortunately there were still 4 minutes left in the match. They were cleared momentarily before coming back out forcing the referee to suspend the game. This isn't the first time their fans have caused problems as they have been found guilty of 23 different infractions in the last 2 and a half years. Now, you're probably saying "ok, soccer hooligan violence. What's new?" but the reason I'm writing about it is this absolutely hilarious video of one of their "injured" fans being taken off on a stretcher deciding he should leap off in an attempt to beat a photographer with his shoe. Classy.

Here's what their owner had to say about the fans:
“We have nothing to celebrate, we’re losers. I don’t know how to rid of these fans. They’re completely irresponsible. Our players and management make a big effort and these fans ruin everything. I have no respect for them. These fans are bastards and fools. As far as I’m concerned [Beitar coach] Itzhak Schum is a champion, [club chairman] Eli Arazi is a champion, the players are champions, but Beitar is not a champion.”

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