Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Spring is here

My favorite day of the year is the first really warm day when I look and realize that almost all the trees have buds on them. It happened today as I turned the corner to walk down the hill and noticed for the first time that the landscape in front of me was starting to have a green hue amidst the sea of brown. It's like everything just decides to happen at once. The trees that had buds before suddenly have full-blown leaves. The trees that were barren last week suddenly have buds. Flowers are blooming. Even I shed my jacket for the first time this year venturing outside in only a t-shirt (and, uh, pants of course).

Unfortunately in Kansas it's nearly impossible to have a great spring day temperature-wise without hurricane-force winds so that kind of put a damper on things but it's nice to actually think about unleashing my bony pure white legs upon the world. But, we'll save that for another day, as for now I just want to enjoy this moment with the rest of you. In fact, a quick glance across the midwest shows it's nice everywhere. Huzzah! Enjoy it!


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