Monday, May 12, 2008

All my life I've been searching for something

Sometimes I check to see what searches lead people to this blog. It's usually pretty entertaining for me because I write about some weird shit and people search for some weirder shit. Here are the top searches for the last week or so.
2 9.52% germany news basement
2 9.52% germany children in basement
2 9.52% karolyi ranch
2 9.52% idiotacracy
2 9.52% larry johnson may
1 4.76% stanford tree bicep
1 4.76% emma huang kc huang pipa huang
1 4.76% tony zirkle
1 4.76% carl winslow
1 4.76% kept children in the basement
1 4.76% simpsons shave those sideburns mattingly
1 4.76% wacky german stories
1 4.76% are basement apartments dangerous for newborns?
1 4.76% my life in the basement
1 4.76% i hate laura bush
1 4.76% basement german news

Turns out having "basement" in your blog name really helps out whenever there's a story about some sicko keeping a dead baby or their incestuous secrets in a basement. And then there's Carl Winslow and Mattingly's sideburns and a really old school post about the Karolyi Ranch. So many memories.

One time I wrote about Bob Uecker's stalker and she emailed me a few months later telling me it wasn't true and that I should take it down because everyone that googles her finds that story. I was pretty sure it was true but I took it down anyway because I felt bad. I'm pretty sure that Laura Bush and Bela Karolyi can take it though.


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And this post prompted me to search "Bon Uecker's Stalker"...

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