Thursday, May 29, 2008

How Dangerous Are You to the Spiritual Health of America?

From TFK: Coral Ridge Ministries polled their members to find out several questions including "How dangerous are the following to the spiritual health of America?" The results may surprise you (actually, not really surprise you at all, I just wanted to use some of that gravitas in my voice like some local news anchor): Oh, and the formatting sucks but I'm lazy. The numbers are percentage of people that responded very, somewhat, and not very important.
How dangerous are the following to the spiritual health of America?
Very Somewhat Not very
The ACLU and similar groups 96 3 1
Pro-homosexual indoctrination 95 4 1
Abortion 93 6 1
Islamic terrorism 91 8 1
Hollywood 89 10 1
News Media 87 12 1
Darwinism/evolution 85 14 1
Cults and false religion 82 16 2
Atheism 82 16 2
Courts 81 18 1
Apathetic/uninformed Christians 79 20 1
Colleges and Universities 78 21 1
Public education (K-12) 69 29 2
Congress 63 35 2

Now, what can this data tell us? First, whoever these people are they're all way too obsessed about some really dumb shit and probably batshit crazy.

Atheism only gets 82% behind the news media and evolution? 95% are worried about homosexual indoctrination? What can it be like to be so worried about your kid being gay that you see the dreaded homosexual indoctrination boogey man behind every corner?

It's hilarious that the ACLU comes in at #1 as if missing out on that school prayer or Ten Commandments monument in City Hall is really destroying us spiritually.


Blogger Paul Hattan said...

These numbers are batty and the poll is terrible. Not a single thing on the poll got more than 2% for "not very." Soooo basically EVERYTHING threatens our spiritual health.

It would be nice if the poll was well balanced and included things like "Prayer in Schools," "Christian Parenting," or "Narnia Movies." Otherwise I'm just thinking everyone just checked the 1st column and called it a day.

7:46 PM  
Blogger Ben said...

Right, when you only poll fundie whackos the results are going to be pretty ridiculous. It's like asking desperate alcoholics to rate various kinds of liquor. Umm, all of them.

What I did find interesting is the 1% that answered that they think it is acceptable for schools to "promote homosexuality as an acceptable lifestyle" or that it's not important at all that evolution be taught along with intelligent design. I mean, they've already chosen to align themselves with these nutjobs but they still decide that even they can't get on board with that stuff.

I'm sure their pastor is preparing the stake they're about to burned on now.

12:35 AM  

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