Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I hate Indiana Nazis

In all the hoopla surrounding the Democratic Presidential Primary some other important Indiana election news may have slipped under the radar.

Like me you may have never heard of Tony Zirkle but with his political skills I'm shocked he would ever lose but he did last night in the Republican primary for one of Indiana's Congressional Districts. Zirkle's main campaign theme is outlawing pornography. After comparing it to bin Laden he goes on to blame it for everything from the tripling of the homosexual population to the invasion of Middle Ages Europe. Clearly this man knows the issues that will resonate with the people.

Unfortunately he drew criticism for speaking at an event hosted by the National Socialist Workers' Party, better known as the local Nazis. The event? A celebration in honor of Hitler's 119th birthday.

Now, Zinkle has said he didn't "know enough about the group to either favor it or oppose it" and that he didn't think all of the people there were Nazis. I mean, just look at the picture and tell me that you couldn't have made the same mistake. It could have happened to anyone! How was he to know they were Nazis?!

Apart from the fact that there are still groups that have events like this the most surprising thing is he still got 16% of the vote! Apparently being a Nazi sympathizer isn't as much of a career ender in the Indiana Republican Party as one might think...


Blogger erin said...

er my gawd! that picture is priceless!

and...nazis in indiana? what the -!

9:57 AM  
Blogger 329_Meyrin said...

crazy americans... what a picture! i bet adolf would have loved the plastic happy birthday sign...

10:14 AM  

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