Saturday, May 03, 2008

Jack Trizzice

Jack Trice expansion phase II was approved apparently. Now they just need to come up with the $70 million or so it will take to build it and, uhh, maybe some fans to fill it.

It seems like a fairly large gamble to put in all those new seats when they don't average much more than 50,000 now, but, they did set a record for season tickets even with the last couple of years being as brutal as they have been. I think if they win they can come close to filling it on a consistent basis but if they continue to lose it could be a lot of empty seats for most games.

Either way, you can't deny it looks badass compared to what it looked like before. Here is a photo gallery including the view from Elwood. Err, did I see they renamed that street last time I was there? Hey, I really am an old alum if I insist on calling everything by what it was when I was in school...

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Blogger Paul Hattan said...

also, the student tailgate section will be be moved to the towers' parking lot

12:55 PM  

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