Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Bag fries

I'm enjoying the fact that Obama is staging a massive rally to celebrate officially wrapping up the nomination in the same place that the Republican convention will be held in a few months. Supposedly there are 17,000 in the arena and around 20,000 outside. I'm also enjoying that McCain decided it would be a good idea to try to give a speech the same night in front of some strange green background with about 20 people around him...zzzz. For him to have any chance he needs as few direct comparisons with Obama as possible between now and the election.

Unfortunately Hillary continues to embarrass herself in some narcissistic self-destructive suicide mission. Even her own campaign staff keep telling the press that it's over while she won't give it up and get behind Obama. Then there's ridiculous crap like her begging for the VP slot then supposedly saying "don't you dare offer it to another woman." Way to back up those feminist principles, Hillary.

Anybody see the photo of the drunk driver in Mexico plowing into the middle of a bike race? Jeebus, that's some pretty serious carnage.

Tonight the KC channels spent many, many hours covering the lightning-caused fire at a petroleum tank. On the one hand, it was pretty annoying because they put their coverage on pretty much every channel I get but on the other hand the video was pretty badass. The tank had something like 50,000 gallons of gasoline in it and there was nothing they could do except watch it burn in a giant fireball. They did the math and it's like $9.2 million worth of gas burning there.

Here's something for my readers who are looking to kill some time at work (which is probably most of you). I don't think I linked to these cracks at finding the 50 worst album covers of all-time.

As I'm writing this PBS is doing a pledge drive during a showing of some of Bob Dylan's great moments. The man just said something like, "PBS isn't just for your parents anymore. It's for everyone." Bob Dylan is great but you're trying to convince me of this by showing one of the most influential musicians from my parents' generation? Umm, ok. Unless they've completely given up on my generation and are trying to bring the boomers into the fold which seems more likely considering the music the usually show during these things.


Blogger erin said...

personally, i think Joyce looks like she totally rocks...i also see nothing wrong with the rick mcknight cover: FREE INDEED!

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