Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Jealous, ladies?

It appears that all of your dallying came back to bite you as it was announced this week that Lawrence's favorite crazy hippie, White Owl, is engaged...to a 22 year old. After a lengthy courtship of "a little more than a month" the couple will tie the knot in a KC, MO park and everyone is invited!

I first became aware of White Owl sometime last fall as I ate my lunch on Wescoe Beach and watched him go through his normal routine of dancing and yelling "KU! Wake up, KU!" He soon gained national prominence during the KU-Nebraska football game when he was featured as the Fox Sports Wild Fan of the Game. "White Owl...is my indian name. Jim Jacker or Saul is my real name." His popularity grew as his presence at the football and basketball games apparently sparked something in them.

However, his act did grow a little thin and people began to accuse him of being an attention whore. No! He even "sold out" as local businesses began selling shirts with his likeness and newest catchphrase "make it rain on them ho, ho, hoes." All of this can be seen in this grainy video. Notice the apathy of everyone around him and the Home Depot helmet he's wearing.

I'm kind of mixed on the guy. He's gotta be somewhat crazy and actually kind of annoying if you happen to be stuck next to him but I think he's pretty harmless and just likes to have a good time. He's in a program where he can audit classes for free and he apparently goes to quite a few of them just so he can learn or yell out a random "wake up, KU" and leave.

Who knows, they might actually be right for each other. She certainly seems odd enough:
He first noticed Julia at the end of last semester when she was standing around Wescoe Beach. White Owl said he sensed she was missing something in her life.

“I saw an injured spirit and I am all about helping people and being a light,” White Owl said, “I prayed that night that she would be sent to me somehow.”

White Owl’s prayers were answered. The next day, White Owl was a guest speaker in Julia’s "American Studies" class. White Owl talked to the class about believing in themselves and loving one another. After class, Julia told White Owl how much his message meant to her.

“You are the first person to tell me that,” White Owl remembered saying.

The two became inseparable after that, starting off as friends but began spending more and more time together. Julia began to feel that their relationship had more potential.

“After a little while I began to think. ‘I want to be with this guy in heaven.’ That is when we began to talk about marriage,” Julia said.



Blogger erin said...

i'm all for hippay-love 'n all...but it's a little creepy. what about that photo when they're air kissing each other on the lips. puke.

8:13 PM  
Blogger Ben said...

You're not even a little bit curious about what it's like to make out with White Owl? Would it help if he washed his beard?

11:09 PM  
Blogger erin said...

no, ben...not even a little bit curious...

8:23 AM  
Blogger Ben said...

Exciting update...I was walking home today when they drove by in that car and she looked at me!

8:53 PM  

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