Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Your hand is backwards

We are on our way to electing the 5th left-handed president in the last 35 years. The prevalence of lefties has vexed researchers and historians but the chances of it randomly occurring are abotu 1/1000.
Studies have shown that whereas righties favor the left hemisphere of their brain, which controls language, left-handers are more likely to have bilateral brain function, which could allow them to visualize problems more broadly and with more complexity. A higher percentage of mathematicians and scientists are left-handed, and the same is true for artists.

Bilateral brain function could relate to the social and interactive skills needed to be successful in politics, but not enough research has been done, Dr. Geschwind said.

All interesting theories to be sure but I'm fairly convinced there is some sinister (literally) conspiracy behind it. Afterall consider that Bob Dole and John Edwards were two left-handed candidates and we're not even being given a choice in most elections! This minority rule cannot stand! Although, George W. Bush doesn't make a convincing case for us righties...

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