Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Come on

I wish this guy would make up his mind. First, he's all like "we gotta save the chimps" but then he's like "but, don't give them jobs in your commercials." How are the chimps going to support their family if you don't give them any work? I mean, think about it. It doesn't make any sense. We all have special talents and chimps are good at acting like humans but in completely exaggerated manners.

I used to be somewhat involved in the movie business (as in I was part of team that came up great ideas for movies). Unfortunately most (all) of these never got off the ground due to political concerns ("Jihad!") or lack of interest (the untitled one about the chimp that becomes president and gets into several hilarious situations). Perhaps we should look into making that second one just to help the endangered chimps? I'd hate to see them blackballed like the suspected communists were.



Blogger Paul Hattan said...

This is in the NY Times? It seems like a letter to the ISU Daily. Recockulous.

"Would we condone putting funny clothes on human children so that we could laugh at the way they look like subhuman buffoons?"

WTF? Chimps ARE subhuman! That's why its funny, dumbass.

This retarded op-ed supports my long-standing argument that the Lincoln Park zoo sucks. Brookfield zoo is the place to be for all your depressing animal voyeurism needs.

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