Thursday, July 03, 2008


I'm sure you've all carefully been following the leadup and announcement to the winner of the Wales Book of the Year competition but, in case you haven't, here is the video of the presentation.

Here's what happened:
The minister was presenting the award for literature promotion agency Academi at the Hilton Hotel, Cardiff, on Tuesday, when he announced Bullough's name.

The young novelist had almost reached the stage to collect the cheque amid the applause of the audience when it was announced that a mistake had been made, and that the actual winner was the veteran poet.

Hey, you spent years of your life living in poverty and slaving away on this book and it's finally paying off in recognition as your country's best book and £10,000 too! Psych!

Fortunately the author took it in stride calling it "amateur" and "a national embarrassment." Ouch.


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