Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Update on Obama-Clark (Updated again)

Good to see:
The Senator says his comments Monday about his opponent were not a reference to Wesley Clark’s comment about McCain.

“I think in at least one publication it was reported that my comments yesterday about Senator McCain were in a response to General Clark. I think my staff will confirm that was in a draft of that speech that I had written two months ago.”

Also says Clark does not owe McCain an apology.

This is an even better response to this latest "nontroversy":
"I guess my question is why, given all the vast numbers of things that we’ve got to work on, that that would be a top priority of mine?" Obama said, responding to a reporter who asked the candidate why he hadn’t called on Wesley Clark to apologize for his remarks yesterday. "I’m happy to have all sorts of conversations about how we deal with Iraq and what happens with Iran, but the fact that somebody on a cable show or on a news show like Gen. Clark said something that was inartful about Sen. McCain I don’t think is probably the thing that is keeping Ohioans up at night."

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