Saturday, July 26, 2008

You know what really grinds my gears?

I'm not sure there's a more annoying trend in advertising than the hidden camera ones. It seems like everyone's doing them now. Burger King has that guy ready to commit homicide so he can get his Whopper, Coke has those two morons acting like they want to sue their own company, Hardees has the supposed fancy restaurant where they bring in the bags in front of the customers, Pizza Hut has the jackasses attending a "pasta tasting", and Miller Lite set up a fake bar. Even car companies are starting in with both Mazda and VW jumping on this dumb trend. There's probably more but my brain cries when I try to think about it.

I guess I just don't get why these are made at all. Am I supposed to believe that Pizza Hut pasta is so good that it fools the pasta connoisseurs? Really all I think is that they found dumb people that don't really care what their food tastes like.

It also pisses me off how completely unrealistic they are. The Miller Lite commercial is ridiculous because who would go to a bar that apparently only serves Miller Lite? Every single person in the bar is drinking Miller Lite and there are no bottle except Miller Lite behind the bar. That really would be the worst bar ever. Worse than Sips even.

Things like this convince me that I could be an ad guy. Pretty much anybody can recycle crappy 80's commercials, right? I mean, I watch Mad Men so I know that you have to drink and smoke a lot and be an asshole. The rest is just coming up with stuff like "let's remake that commercial with that Mikey kid" or "How about blind taste tests?"

And you kids get off my damn lawn!


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