Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Best Ever Death Metal Band Outta Denton

Today I spent a few hours making calls in the local Democratic Party phonebank. This is something that always sounded like a good idea but really only in theory until I found out that a friend of mine is working for the Party here and took me seriously when I said I would be willing to do that. My mistake.

Actually, it wasn't so bad considering I was calling Republicans and Independents in Western Kansas. It's so much easier calling people up and asking for their opinion than it is to ask them for money plus I knew it was for a good cause. The only people that really pissed me off were people that said they were Democrats but refused to vote for Obama. One woman told me that she would NEVER vote for Obama because she was a Hillary supporter. Then she proceeded to tell me a sad story about her struggles to get money for her disability and her inability to get insurance. I told her Obama would make sure all Americans are insured but she said she didn't think he would ever do anything about it and once again said she would NEVER vote for him. What can you tell a person like that who is so focused on Hillary or something that she wouldn't even vote for her own self-interests?

There were the usual people that told me they needed to have Christian values in the White House, blah, blah, blah. Another guy went on a rant about how I shouldn't try to give him that "change" crap because it's meaningless. Overall, I was somewhat pleased with the response that the Democrats were getting from the group so that's something, I guess. I mean, this is a state where I saw this flying in the K-State parking lot.

Which brings me to my next adventure, the K-State vs. North Texas football game. I was scared to get too close to it in case they were vampires or something but in case you couldn't tell that's the GOP elephant flying over someone's tailgate. I had a great time at the game and found that some stereotypes about K-State are true and others weren't.

Stereotypes confirmed? Band people tend to gravitate to the dorky side...but maybe not their fault.

For some reason they decided it would be a good idea to dress their band in white t-shirts tucked into purple mesh shorts. Given that many of the members were kind of overweight this was a horrible look. Band people have a hard enough time without you dressing them like they're on Celebrity Fit Club or something. Granted it's not like the regular uniforms are the height of fashion but they can hide some flaws and at least it looks somewhat professional. Plus many of these band members chose to accentuate the look with a canvas fanny pack because they didn't have any pockets. Great, now you look like you're selling tickets to a high school football game too.

Stereotype confirmed: K-State fans love jorts. I mean, I saw a shocking number of these things on people of every age. Not that there's really anything too horribly wrong with them it's just that you don't see them around much so I felt like it was 1995 all over again.

Other fashion faux pas: The purple camo pants on the guy in front of me and me for being the only person not wearing a K-State shirt.

Other interesting sights: The woman in front of me had a purple foot stool that she sat on so she could see over the people in front of her and block people behind her.

K-State's coach has such obvious tan lines where he usually wears his sunglasses that I could see them from the stands and it was confirmed on the video board later.

Middle-aged men hate people that wear iPods. My uncle and his friends bitched a lot about the guys on the team that had them on for their walk into the stadium. I tried to defend the younger generation but it did admit that it could cause a perception problem for the team.


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