Tuesday, August 26, 2008

How to smear when you have nothing to smear with

Faux News is great. Here's what Faux reporter Megyn Kelly had to say about Michelle Obama's excellent speech last night:
Do you think that, you know, her saying that she loves America, that she loves this country, is going to do it for those who questioned her patriotism? Because she said something -- what she said was, and I wrote it down, was, "The world as it is just won't do." If you replace "world" with "country," you're back to the same debate, arguably, that you have been having about Michelle Obama's feelings about this country. Did she give her critics any fodder with that comment?
So, you're asking if she gave her critics any fodder by saying something she didn't actually say? Awesome. Well played.

Here's what McCain had to say in California yesterday:
"I also want to look you in the eye -- and I appreciate your generosity -- but I also want to tell you we will compete in the state of California."
If you replace "compete" with "take a shit in all of the bathtubs" you've got an entirely different feeling about the quote. Did he hurt his already slim chances in California by saying this?

Of course, McCain will inevitably come back with, "well, I couldn't take a shit in any bathtubs for five and a half years when I was a POW" and all will be forgiven.

As I mentioned before I watched some of the convention last night and am watching some tonight while I work on some stuff. Michelle Obama's speech was really, really good. I thought she nailed it and kind of surprised me a little bit. The girls at the end were cute. Ted Kennedy coming on stage and sucking it up to give a nice speech was a good moment too.

What's really bugging me the most is this dumb constant coverage of Hillary Clinton supporters who can't let it go. The vast, vast majority of Clinton voters are already fully on board with Obama but they keep finding these crazies that actually say they are undecided or have already gone over to McCain. Are you insane? He's the exact opposite of everything that Hillary Clinton stands for. How could you possibly consider voting for McCain if you are truly a Democrat.

These people honestly seem a touch insane. One woman said something to the effect of "I just don't feel that the Democratic party is participating in democracy anymore." What? The whole point of this is that there was a democratic process and your candidate lost. What exactly do you think should have been done differently? What an asinine comment.

Other women they show on TV have this slightly crazed look in their eyes like they're trying to sew a pantsuit out of hair they stole from Hillary's hairbrush. They go on and on about how wonderful she is but never quite explain why they can't support Obama which is what Hillary has done. It's not healthy to hold a grudge like that.

I'm not buying the idea that there are that many of these people out there but the ones that are get WAAAYY too much play from the media. Then there's McCain running those ads with Hillary giving him love while dismissing Obama. Who knew THAT would come back to bite us? Well, except everyone. I really hope Hillary rips into him tonight and makes him look like a fool but a small part of me is still a little worried it will all be about stroking her ego. I'm fine with a little of that but she better hammer him hard.

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