Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I agree with John

In the race for Senate in Kansas Democrat Jim Slattery has an uphill fight against Pat Roberts who has been Senator since '97 and in the House for 18 years before that. He's your run-of-the-mill Republican but has been pretty involved in carrying Bush's water when it comes to wiretapping, etc.

Slattery's done a decent job of raising money and has had quite a few commercials on but has been hammered by Roberts' commercials leading to a nosedive in the polls. It seems pretty unlikely he'll be able to gain any traction.

Anyway, yesterday they sent out an email asking Kansans to give their reasons for why they want change. They gave a few examples like:
Katie from Topeka tells us, "Pat Roberts has done nothing to bring down the cost of presciption drugs"
OK, probably true, but boring. As I've heard the last few nights from the pundits, "where's the red meat?" as if we're ravenous dogs just waiting to tear McCain/Bush/Republicans to shreds. Well, we are. Let's look at the next one from the email.
John from Dodge City shared this, "Pat an asshole"
Ha, that's much better.

Of course, instead of sticking to their guns the campaign sent out another revised email and apologized to Roberts. Seems like that's the price you pay for telling the truth sometimes.


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