Friday, August 01, 2008

The life of a sales rep

I often feel bad for the sales rep. They have to spend their day pestering people that don't really want to talk to them. They're probably working on commission so they kind of need to put up with a bunch of shit in order to make a living and then when something goes wrong they're the people that get yelled at.

We get a lot of these people coming in and out of the lab even though we order pretty much exclusively off the internet and based on price for most things. I can tell that most of these people do a pretty good job and know their shit so I respect them for that but we all kind of turn away when they come in so we don't get stuck bantering with them in order to "build rapport." I really felt bad for the other guy when he tried a couple of times to talk to our lab tech about KU football and basketball and our tech was completely clueless about any of it.

Anyway, one of these guys came in the other day and kind of reminded me of how pathetic these guys can be. He was talking with another one of our techs about free umbrellas or something completely inane. Apparently one of our techs wanted some more umbrellas to keep in the lab because she felt bad for the undergrads in our lab who come to work and then have to walk to class in the rain if the weather changes. They were laughing about undergrads being dumb because apparently that's still a really funny joke to some people in my lab. Then the conversation got interesting so I'll try to retell it as best I can remember.

Sales rep: "Yeah, but, they'll never learn to remember their umbrella if they don't get wet a few times. I mean, I'm 40 and I still haven't learned. But, that's like a couple of weeks ago I was doing a pub crawl for cancer..."
Lab tech: "As long as it's for a good cause..."
Rep: "Exactly. So, I'm talking to this girl at one of the bars and we were kind of hitting it off but she was probably in her 20's. Eventually, I say, 'well, it was nice to meet you but I'm going to go now' and she says, "don't you want to meet at the next bar?' I say, 'aren't I a little old for you?' She says, 'how old are you?', I say, 'I'm 40.' She says, 'that's ok, my mom's in her 40's." I say, 'exactly!' I mean, me and her mom can sit there and enjoy the same music and this girl will be clueless. But, yeah, it's like your boss said, 'that's when you should tell her you're only 32.'"

Now, I thought this story was pretty pathetic to begin with but when I realized that this was the 2nd time in a row he'd come into our lab and told this same lame story I decided that it went beyond pathetic. Dude, whether you want to hook up with 20-somethings or not is your choice but it's incredibly lame to continuously tell pseudo-strangers this story that makes it sound like you could have but didn't. We don't care. Now get us a deal on pipet tips.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

And the cologne. Most of them wear so much cologne, I actually worry about my cells dying.


3:46 AM  
Blogger Ben said...

Ha, yes, you nailed it. Plus this guy has an awesome fake tan going. All he's missing is a gold chain.

10:48 AM  

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