Sunday, August 24, 2008

Reason enough why Joe Biden is a pretty solid choice

Biden seems like a pretty good choice. I'm a huge Sebelius fan but I'd rather have her stay as Governor for a few more years and then take Brownback's Senate seat in '10. Biden says some dumb thing once in a while but examples like the clip above are why he will do great in debates against whatever choad (chode?) McLame picks and can take him apart. McSame has a dumb ad wondering why, oh why, didn't Obama take Hillary after she got millions of votes. So, by that logic we can expect him to take Huckabee? Prolly not. Being the nerd I am I'm looking forward to the convention but my only problem is on Thursday night. Should I watch Obama speak in Invesco or go to a bar that gets the Cyclones vs. South Dakota State on the satellite dish? If ISU doesn't blow out these fools it's going to be a long season again. I might not have very many opportunities to watch ISU win but I feel like Obama's going to give a hell of a speech. Would B-Dub's show it with sound???

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