Thursday, August 07, 2008

Things are different in the South

Although some of my family has some roots there I never really understood the South. Take this incident for example.
An Irvington cage fighter accused of inciting a brawl at an Auburn University fraternity house by yelling "Roll Tide" admitted Wednesday to bribing a retarded man to claim responsibility for injuries suffered by the brothers in the melee.
Apparently this amateur MMA fighter went into an Auburn frathouse, yelled "Roll Tide", then started stabbing people in the ensuring melee. That didn't go over well with "the law" so he attempted to bribe a 40 year old developmentally disabled man named Louie Holtz (I shit you not) by promising him a car to take the rap for the stabbing. The judge told Louie, "umm, maybe you should get a lawyer" and declared a mistrial. Classy and probably totally worth it to this dude. I mean, he got to stab those Auburn dudes!


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