Sunday, August 31, 2008

WWJD? Bulldoze everything!

I was flipping through the channels this morning and came across a show about the environment on the Jesus channel. I figure it would be good for a laugh and I was pretty much right.

First, they put up a graph of sunspot activity that pretty corresponded perfectly to the rise in temperature. Then they showed increasing levels of carbon dioxide and, oh noes! The curve looks different! It reminded me of the correlation between increasing temperature and decreasing pirates. Now I don't know what to believe.

Then they went into this thing about how many evangelical Christians have gotten into the environmental movement to be good stewards of God's creation. The announcer intoned in a grave voice, "but...does the modern environmental movement agree with the view laid the Bible?"

The answer, not surprisingly, was no. One guy said something like, "I've actually talked to people who think that humans are BAD for the environment. That the Earth would be better off without them. But that's so dangerous. If you look at the Bible it says that humans are at the top of creation. So, if you try to stop our development (cut to shot of oil well) you're going against what God wants."
What? God wants us to drill everything and develop unchecked?

Then the next guy comes on posed in front of an oscilloscope so you know he's a scientician of some sort. He says "if we try to control carbon dioxide emissions people will die! If we signed the Kyoto treaty our heating oil prices will skyrocket. What that happens poor people turn down their heat and every year people die because of that. Are we willing to sacrifice those people just to do something that MIGHT work?"
So, couldn't you just subsidize heating oil for the poor? Or is there something in the Bible about not helping poor people because it's their own fault? I couldn't help but wonder how dumb people could be if they were actually convinced by that argument. Then, the really ridiculous part was that they cut to a clip of starving Africans while he was saying that. First, dying from lack of heating oil is probably not a major concern of theirs. Second, they're the ones that face a greater likelihood of dying from the effects of global warming.

I can't stand these assholes because the right wing of the political spectrum and this brand of Christianity have become so intertwined they that twist their ideologies to fit each other no matter what is actually written in the scriptures or what makes sense for the world.


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