Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dumb names

Why is it that every new professional team has to pick a completely ridiculous name? The latest is the Oklahoma City Thunder. Thunder? When I hear Thunder I think of the Wichita Thunder hockey team or the Orlando Thunder WFL team or any number of ridiculous youth teams but NBA? Nah. It's only slightly better than the extremely boring "Bobcats." May as well call them the Ortners or something.

Then there's their logo. I still can't figure out what their colors are. Is it orange, the other color of orange, blue, red? And what does that have to do with thunder anyway? The biggest tragedy of all of this is that the green and gold and the name Supersonics were so great and a part of the city. How can anyone not love the way the announcer on NBA Jam says their name? Bulls!...versus!....Supersonics! Do you think Ice Cube would have ever rapped the words "Lakers beat the Thunder?" Eazy-E would have shot him right there if he tried to pull that shit.

So, is this name supposed to be somehow related to Sonics or there's just nothing interesting enough in Oklahoma to name a team after? Anyway, you suck, Thunder.


Blogger Paul Hattan said...

Kudos for the excellent Ortner joke, but you missed the follow-up about a team named the Ortners leading the league in lay-ups that hit the bottom of the rim.

I agree that the Thunder is a lame name. I heard the owner is a big American Gladiators fan and randomly selected from the Thunder, the Gemini, the Nitro, and the Assualt.

And what's with team names not ending in 's' anymore? ZOMG they are SO hip and different.

2:05 PM  
Blogger Ben said...

Yeah, the Jazz were way ahead of their time in that regard.

And if we're going with AG names I would have gone with Assault and then folded the NBA team and created a league purely devoted to that game. How great would it be to see some 7 footer trying to hide behind the little plexiglass shield?

Remember the time Ortner knocked himself out trying to throw the ball into the bottom of the rim?

2:47 PM  

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